Thursday, July 9, 2009

The One Where I Learned Things

Well, they don't lie when they say you never stop learning, even after you graduate.  For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list of the things I learned today.  And hopefully you will learn something new!  Ha:)

#1: The Ikea Bag- did you know it can be used for more than just holding large amounts of things in such a large store?!  Not only can it do that, but it can double as  an umbrella!  I left today to come visit David, and before I left I let Marley out to potty, because, you always have to at least try before you leave on a trip.  Well, it was raining and Marley didn't seem to mind, nor did he want to come in.  I didn't have an umbrella around (list of things to do: buy umbrella.)  so I grabbed the biggest thing I could find to cover me.  Enter Ikea bag.  That thing pretty much enveloped me AND kept the rain out....who knew?!

#2: I love J. Crew-  now some might say that this is something I should have already figured out about myself.  But I didn't.  Even though a lot of my clothes hail from J. Crew and even though I have to go in there every time I enter the mall, even when I'm money-less.  I should have known but I didn't.  Today they were having their 20% off sale.  The sign beckoned me to come in; so I did.  And I bought: 1 white skirt (verrrry cute if I do say so myself.) 3 perfect fit t's (because you can never have enough good-fitting shirts...) and 1 heavy sweater (for the many snowfalls that occur during the summer you know.)  All of that for $47.  I love J. Crew.

#3: I hate it when people slow down to look at accidents- Okay, so I know that when people have accidents, sometimes it's fun to look and think to yourself, "oh thank God it's not me."  But when it starts affecting the flow of traffic....and by affect- I mean affect by hours- the accident watching is becoming a little obsessive.  Case in point: I was making great headway to David's this afternoon.  In fact, I was AHEAD of schedule.  That does not happen often, let's be serious.  I just knew I was going to make it to his house early!  Well well well, the traffic gods had other plans.  MAJOR other plans.  Plans, in fact, that included backing up traffic so bad that it took me AN HOUR.- yes one whole hour- to move from one exit to another.  I was one exit away from my exit and got caught in a huge traffic jam.  It didn't help that it was rush hour.  It took me an hour to get from that exit to my exit.  It's literally like 3 miles to my exit.  And do you know what caused this traffic jam? 3 cars parked on THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.  Not even a wreck that closed down one lane of traffic, oh no.  3 cars, fender bendered, and parked on the side of the road.  Good grief.

#4: I love my boyfriend.  OKAY.  You got me.  I didn't learn this today, I've known it for a while but I just thought it bears repeating:)  He is wonderful, makes me laugh, and does everything in his power to make sure I'm happy.  Little does he know that just simply being with him makes me happy.  Oh, and my puppy makes me pretty happy too.  But love him I do, and I'm glad that I am able to spend the weekend with him. PS he's pretty cute too!

I hope you all learned a little something from this oh-so-valuable post.  I really think the ikea bag is quite the invention. ;)


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Katie said...

I love everyone of those statements!!