Sunday, July 26, 2009

The One Where the Party Started!

This past Tuesday was my friend Jessie's 21st birthday!  YAY!  She celebrated in Clemson, but headed up this way to celebrate with some of her family and friends!  Her and her boyfriend Jake came up early Saturday to spend the day with David and me.  We all went out to lunch for some sushi which was pretty good!  It took us like 2 hours to get our food was nuts.  Then we went to her brother's house.  Michael and Trish just bought a new townhome- and let me tell you- it was NICE.  One of the Panther's players lives right next door to them!  Holy Moses!:)  Michael and Trish are expecting a little on in a few months so congratulations to them!!

We all went to P.F. Chang's for dinner where some of Michael's friends met us.  I have never been to P.F. Chang's (don't shoot me!)  and I have been "de-virginized" as Trish called it!  Oh my I have never tasted such goodness!  We had everything from cashew chicken and ginger glazed chicken to mongolian beef.  And plenty of rice to feed all of China!  I literally don't want to eat for a week, I really think I ate enough to last me that long!  It was DELICIOUS!  I can't wait to go back there!!!

That's really it for my weekend!  I have class on Wed. and on Thursday night, my aunt, mom, and I are gong to see a play at the Blumenthal called "Mamma Mia".  I LOVE the movie so I'm hoping the play will be just as good!  Have any of you seen the movie?

Can't wait to hear what you guys did this weekend! :)


Carolina Girl said...

Have a great time a Mama Mia. Can't wait to hear what you thought.

Katie said...

mmm I love PF Changs!