Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The One With the Trip to the Farmer's Market!!

Short and sweet today!  Mom told me a couple weeks ago about this new farmer's market just down the road from us on Tuesday afternoons!  Since I headed home from David's today and it always makes me sad when I leave, we thought going to check out the farmer's market would be a good idea to keep my mind off of leaving.  It's a pretty small farmer's market, there are bigger ones around the area but oh goodness did they have some good stuff!

We bought some "rustic italian" bread from this really nice guy and he said it had been baked that day!  It was really good!  Hard crust but soooo soft on the inside!

We also bought some corn, zucchini, and squash!

There were quite a few people who had crafty things like purses, notecards, and headbands that were all very cute!  Unfortunately I don't have much money at the moment so I couldn't buy anything haha!  But I definitely want to go back because there were places that sold fresh, free-range eggs, cows grown in open pastures, and so on!  I'm really into eating organic-ish foods because I just think lots of problems are stemming from how they raise cattle and chicken these days.  (But that's an opinion for another post, yes?!)

Sooo for dinner tonight we had BBQ chicken, corn off the cob (yes, I shucked the corn and scraped the kernels off!), and sauteed veggies!  Oh my gosh it was SO good!  A nice home-cooked dinner to end the day.  I'm debating what to have for dessert- mint chocolate chip ice cream or a few chocolate chip cookies and milk!  Any suggestions?  What have you been up to today?



Anna said...

Mmm...chocolate chip cookies. Or ice cream! They both sound amazing right now! The farmer's market sounds great. We have one around here, so I need to check it out!

Katie said...

I love going to the farmer's market!