Monday, July 20, 2009

The One Where We Sing Happy Birthday, Marley!!!

Today is Marley's very first birthday!  He has really enjoyed the day!  He hasn't gotten in trouble at all for being "bad", he had bacon for dinner, and napped all afternoon!  He sure is enjoying being 1!  I can't believe he is already a year old, and I know it probably seems weird that I'm doting so much over my dog...but I love him, what can I say?!  He makes me laugh and loves me no matter what!  And he's pretty cute.  For your viewing pleasure today, I thought I would post some pictures taken over his first year of life:)  I hope you enjoy looking at his pictures as much as I enjoyed his first year!

Marley at 4 days old:)  He was so tiny!

Marley is 4 weeks old here:)  His eyes were opened and he was making little noises!

This was Marley's first football game:)  He was 7 weeks old here!

One of Marley's favorite hiding spots- under my bed!  He was about 4 months old!!

Marley playing in mom's bag!  Still hasn't grown into those ears;)  6 months!

Marley's first snow!  8 months!

Mom, Dad, and Marley at Amy's graduation!!  10 months old!!

The birthday boy!!  Such a big guy now:) 1 year old!!

Happy Birthday, Marley!  And I'm sure the blogging world agrees;)


mylittlebecky said...

i work gasped at the first one! too cute! i remember when matilda was that little, aaaaaw. the memories! anywho, he's precious! give him a birthday pat for me.

Katie said...

aww marley in a vera bradley bag, life can't get any better than that!