Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The One That's Quick and Easy

There really isn't much to write about today so hopefully this will be quick and easy on you:)  I woke up this morning and felt okay, but right after breakfast I got a HORRIBLE headache.  I'm not sure I've had one that bad in my life.  The light was killing me....I want to venture and say it may have been the beginning of a migraine?  But I've never had a migraine so I'm not quite sure what that fully feels like (knock on wood..).  But this one was pretty bad.  I (and my mom haha)  think it's because I finally finished all my work and studying for that dang anatomy class and I've been going non-stop...and now that I've stopped it's all catching up to me!  So I went back to bed and slept until about 3:30.  I felt a lot better but still had a slight headache.  

I figured getting out of the house might do me some good so I made my way to a baseball game.  My uncle coaches a legion team around here and I always enjoy baseball so I went and sat with my Aunt Diane, cousin Amy and her boyfriend Tyler.  (See previous post for their pictures...they are TOO cute!!) We had a great time and my uncle's legion team won!  They are in the playoffs now so they knocked out the other team:)  YEA guys!

Now that I'm back home, my head is starting to hurt a little again and getting in a fight with my boyfriend didn't help it feel much better.   I guess you have good days and bad days haha:)  I'm about to take some medicine and hit the hay.  I'm planning on feeling much better tomorrow!  I have's my grandfather's 70th birthday!!  

I hope everyone had a great humpday and are looking forward to the 4th this weekend!  Is anyone doing anything fun??

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Katie said...

I'm going to go to the Fair this weekend! And on Saturday I will watch the Fireworks from my parents house.

Oh and I LOVE Christmas Music. Josh gets mad at me because I listen to it all year round haha