Friday, July 10, 2009

The One Where I Am Out of Town...Again!

Just wanted to explain my absence.  Because you know, we all owe each other justification if we don't post every. single. day.  I'm headed to the lake again this weekend.  David's family thought it would be fun to go down again.  And they have a boat, and I have my bathing suit.  So I'm tagging along.  They don't, however, have internet.  (What am I going to dooo??!!)  Marley is going too- this time without stitches!  Maybe I'll put him in the water this time! (Maybe not....have you seen the size fish some of the lakes have nowadays?  Huge.  They probably would love to feed on my little rat-size dog.)  So on second thought, I probably won't put Marley in the water.

He does have a new shirt though.  A luau shirt.  It's adorable and I'll put pictures up when the weekend is over to show you just how cute.  

What fun plans do you all have this weekend?  I'm sure I'll enjoy reading all about them when I return:)



Katie said...

fish scare me! watch out haha

Katie said...

hope you had a nice weekend! I tagged you in something on my blog! :)