Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have my last med-surg exam this Thursday and instead of studying, I'm blogging :) What better way to procrastinate, right? I have a whole lot of random pictures and stuff to blog about so I figured now would be a great time! So, I'm going to start by taking you all the way back to spring break (almost 3 weeks ago now, ha!).

I thoroughly enjoyed my break and one thing I really enjoyed was having Jess and Jake over!
I'm really looking forward to moving down after graduation and getting to have couple friends over more! Jess and I both like to cook so that night, David grilled out BBQ chicken (he also made baked beans, yum!) and Jess and I cooked red potatoes and asparagus!
It was delicious and we had a great time laughing and catching up. We even decided to eat in the dining room! I love, love, love my dining room set and we never eat in there! I think I've all but decided we will be eating in there more once I move :)

The last weekend I was there, I decided to do a little "spring cleaning". I started with the windows and opened them once I was finished because it was beautiful, warm weather! Jovie found her new favorite spot:

The window sill. She sat there for hours! It was so cute :) The wind started blowing and wouldn't you know the first storm of the spring season showed up at our doorstep!
The thunder and lightening was beautiful...Marley didn't much care for it though and went to hide under the bed :) I kept cleaning and started hearing this loud thunking sound and had no idea what was going on and happened to look outside and it was hailing. I couldn't believe it, some of the hail was as big as quarters! So I grabbed my camera and my flip ;)

*Disclaimer: I am from the south, but in the video I say something about the pretty day turning in to hail...I'm saying "hail"...not a redneck version of "hell" :)

I guess my last update is wedding info! These pictures are old, but we have a system for our wedding addresses and here I was copying them on to our cards.
But, save-the-dates went out yesterday and they have started arriving today! Everyone really seems to like them, so here it is!

Isn't it so cute?! I love how it turned out! The scoreboard is on the soccer field at Clemson and they were kind enough to help us get our special message across to all of our family and friends! I blocked out our last names and our website, just for privacy reasons :)

I guess that's all for my updates, maybe I should get to studying now, ha! Tomorrow's humpday! Enjoy :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to School

I thought I would update more over break, but...I didn't. I thoroughly enjoyed waking up late, going to the gym, and reading my Nook. I have and update all ready about the last week, but the video and pictures aren't uploaded to my computer yet. So I guess that will come at some point this year :)

Now that I'm back to school, I've been bombarded with nursing work. I was making fun of myself last night because I have a Neuro test next week and I was procrastinating studying for it by working on other nursing work! How sad is that?! Ha!

Anyway, I got my Save the Dates in the mail yesterday! They are SO CUTE. I can't wait to show them to everyone!! We should be sending them out soon so as soon as they are out, I'll post it on here for all of the blog world to see! Tonight, mom and I went to my florists house to finalize some things. I am so excited about my bouquet. Because we are getting married in September, everything will be blooming then! So my bouquet is going to be extremely colorful!

As the day gets closer (6 months from TODAY, actually!), I find myself getting more and more excited. I can't believe this is happening and I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it. I know it will be over before I blink :)

This weekend, I am going with my grandmother to a place called Pewter Rose for brunch. We are thinking that this will be the place for my bridal luncheon, so we want to go taste the food. I'm all for that! And then...the most fun of all-- David and I are registering!! I'm a girl and I am definitely looking forward to that! (I think David is looking forward to it, but you know how guys are ;) )

Anyway, I have an exam next Thursday, but I'm hoping to update my blog more after that test is done. I won't have any more exams until finals roll around so hopefully I'll have more time to blog!

I hope everyone has a great weekend though!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was up at 5:45 am this morning. And it's spring break. Ughhh. For the life of me I could. not. sleep. So I ended up getting up and making a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast :) (And then I did go back to sleep, kind of).

Anyway, it is spring break and I'm enjoying my time with my future little family! Saturday we went to Nami and it was just as delicious as I always remember it being. And Sunday was just a very productive day. We majorly cleaned the downstairs of our house, took little Marley on a walk around the neighborhood (my little man loves walks!), went to the gym, and I made lasagna for dinner on Monday.

Unfortunately, David has to work this week so during the day I'm pretty much on my own. And even though it's spring BREAK...it's not really a break :) I still have a long list of nursing to-do's--but I get to do them on my time as opposed to the school's time, ha! Oh well, I'm enjoying my sleeping in and there is only about 6 weeks left! Praise the Lord for that! I think I'm about to go crazy--a really unfortunate side affect of nursing school :)

And aside from all of my nursing work, I'm playing with my new toy that my wonderful fiance got me for my birthday: A NOOK! I couldn't believe it! I think I may be marrying the best man in the entire world, y'all :) I've already finished one book and I'm about to download a few more!

But first, I have to run a few errands-- tonight's menu is Lemon-pepper crusted salmon on a bed of couscous and asparagus. Yummm! (And I may or may not stop by Target and walk around for an hour...probably my favorite store ever!)

Sorry things are so boring around here lately, but I hope everyone has a great day :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Hey....

....It's my birthday!

So far it's been an interesting day. I woke up this morning for class and found out my mom is sick. Boo. Totally bummed that she won't be able to help me celebrate with my family tonight! Then I had my 3rd med-surg exam this morning. Mostly liver, pancreas and coagulation stuff. I don't know how I did, but I am sure glad it's over!! And, I just turned in a 14 page paper! Whew, I'm tired ;)

*Here we are touching Howard's Rock...Go Tigers!*
I have some of the best friends though! I had a purple and orange gift bag sitting on my desk when I walked in the classroom and was handed a multitude of birthday cards :) So far, I have some new pens, my favorite chocolate in the world (Ghiradelli dark chocolate with a caramel middle...yum!), a Target card, and a STARBUCKS card! My friends know the way to my heart--that's for sure :)

*Close-up of the rocks... ;) *
Tonight, my grandparents are having a birthday dinner for me with my special request: Mixed green salad with goat cheese and home made citrus dressing, steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Can. not. wait. It's going to be delicious! And to make it better, my cousin Amy is home on spring break and will get to help me celebrate! (And of course, Tyler will be there too!)
*You didn't think we would forget Marley in the engagement pictures, did you?! I'm thinking he's the only dog who ever got to touch the rock ;)*

I'm also really looking forward to this weekend :) One clinical day stands between me and spring break--I think that may just be the best birthday present ever haha! On Saturday, David is taking me out for a birthday dinner at Nami. If you've been reading long, you know this is my favorite restaurant in Anderson, SC! there is only one so if you're ever driving through, you definitely need to stop at and eat. We are going to be going with Jess and Jake :)

And then I'll just spend the rest of my spring break relaxing at David's, working on some papers, Kaplan questions for NCLEX, and visiting some hospitals for potential jobs.

Hopefully I'll be updating a little more over the next week or so :) But Happy Almost Weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

This morning I had to go to the dentist to get 2 cavities filled :( I take such good care of my teeth so when I have cavities, it really stinks! But the doctor was awesome! He numbed me up pretty good--so good in fact, that my left ear was numb! That has never happened to me before, ha! But now I'm feeling it. I have a headache and I think it's from the novacaine! Oh well, I just took some medicine and a lot of great stuff happened today that I can lay on the couch and think about, haha :)

Not too much to update on in the wedding world, but....
  • I got my wedding dress altered today!!!! It's my last time getting to play dress up until May, but I was so happy to get it put on and see how it's going to actually fit next time around!
  • I also picked out my veil today :) I think it is the perfect match for my dress. Just enough sparkle, just enough girlie-ness, and just enough length.
  • All of my bridesmaid's have officially bought their bridesmaid's dresses! Some of them have to be altered, but for the most part everyone loves them. I'm happy about that! Still looking for shoes though....
  • And probably the thing I'm most thrilled about right now is....I got my engagement pictures back today!!!! :) Here's a little sneak peak :

I don't want to show too many, because David hasn't even seen them yet (tomorrow!) but I'm too excited to not share any at all, ha!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Now if we can just get through the rest of the week... :)