Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The One with All the Football!

It seems like the only thing on tv these days is football! I'm a HUGE girly girl and football has just never been my thing. I don't even think I knew anything about it until I went to college ha! (Shh, don't tell anyone, that's kind of embarrassing!) But I went to a football school and I have become a fan. Well, really just a fan of college football. I've still got a ways to go with pro ball! Okay, but really the point is that Clemson won their bowl game a few days ago! GO TIGERS!! And then Georgia (David's team since he was a kid) won their bowl game! Although I've got to say that my favorite part of that game was when they showed their interim bulldog "Russ"!! (Their mascot Uga 7 died earlier in the season!) I think Russ is a great name for a mascot though! They should really consider changing Uga's name ;) And finally, I watched the last few minutes of the BGSU and Idaho game and OMG what an ending! I was thoroughly impressed with the 2 touchdowns in 30 seconds and a 2 pt. conversion that won Idaho the game! All I'm going to say about Leach and Texas Tech is that it's a shame that everything had to happen like it did, for the coach and the player and his teammates.

*David and I went to see some christmas lights with his cousin and girlfriend. They gave out free hot chocolate!*

It's been a pretty normal day today. I've been having some pain in my right scapula for the last few weeks and since it isn't getting any better I went to the doctor this morning. He thinks it's just a muscle thing so he's given me some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers so hopefully those will help!

*This is one of my favorite christmas pictures! Marley looks SO excited about seeing what is in his stocking!*

David and I went to the mall to walk around a bit and oh my lord there were a LOT of people there! I don't get claustrophobic but I sure felt it there today! We didn't stay long:) David decided he wanted to head back home today so we packed when we got home and headed that way. We wanted to finish cleaning up the house before our friends came tomorrow to celebrate the New Year with us in the new house! I can't wait:) I hope you all have had a wonderful day and a great New Year's Eve tomorrow!

*This is another of my favorite pictures. My granddad was cutting up turkey. Needless to say, Marley found a new best friend in granddad:)*


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The One with Christmas 2009!

*These are the best cousins you could ever ask for! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!*

Merry Christmas everyone! I've enjoyed reading about your nice holidays you have had:) It sounds like everyone had a great time with family and included! (I've also thoroughly enjoyed my time off from nursing school! I still have another week and a half so I'm going to enjoy it even more ha!)

I ended my first semester of nursing school with all A's (I'm proud of myself!) and headed straight to move David into his new home! It is still kind of a mess, but it looks so good! I even put up a few christmas decorations;) He was busy setting up the tv and blu-ray/xbox/speakers and turned around to see what I was doing and he laughed at me because I was putting up christmas decorations! He said that "it figures" that I would be putting up Christmas stuff, but I wasn't going to let his first christmas in his new home go by without at least some decorating!

*My family all dressed up on Christmas Eve!*

I came home on the 23rd and has spent the last few days with my family. My mom and I, aunt, uncle, and cousins all trekked over (the whole 5 minutes of trekking...) to my grandparents house (like we do every year!) for christmas eve! We had a wonderful dinner and stayed up late putting a puzzle together and watching christmas movies. Christmas morning was just plain rainy and cold, but it was warm and cozy inside:) We woke up around 9 (it seems to get later each year...!) and had our annual christmas morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bacon! We all seemed to have been pretty good boys and girls this year because we got a LOT of stuff! There was a huge pile of wrapping paper in the center of the room by the time we were finished! I got a lot of clothes, a new pair of boots that I'm in love with, a chi hair straightener (yea!) and a lot of other wonderful things. It was such a great christmas!

*Here's our big pile of wrapping paper!*

We let Marley open his stocking a night early so he would have some toys to play with! Then we stuck him IN his stocking....he didn't like it very much! But I thought he was precious:)

David came up on the 26th so we could have our own christmas. Wow, all I can say is that I am dating the best guy in the world:) He is amazing and really knows how to please a girl! I got some amazing stuff from him the year that I have been wanting!

*My stocking from David was this cute oven mit! How creative!*

*I got some Spode platters for my collection and David got a whole box of wall flowers for his new home! Oh the things you get excited about as you get older.... :)*

*My new pj bottoms from J. Crew! I had been wanting these for a long time and I finally got them! They are soooo comfortable!*

*I know this is wayyy too close up of my face, but I wanted a close picture of my necklace! This was another (my favorite!) gift from David this year! Isn't it beautiful?!*

New years will be spent in the new house with a few good friends and family. I can't wait! What are your new years plans?