Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The One Where the Internet Stinks.

I just wrote a whole long blog about the fun day I had with Jess and then my internet went out.  

What the deuce??!

And I'm not about to re-write the whole thing.  So here it is in summary:  Jess came up today to spend the day.  We went to the mall and only bought 2 things after walking around for 4 hours.  We even got to spend some quality time walking around Tiffany's because, you know, you can't do that with boys---it's too girly.  We had loads of fun.  The end.

Well I think that about sums it up!  Ha.  Sorry I just don't feel like repeating myself from earlier...even though you guys didn't even get to read it.  But I do have some advice for everyone.  

If you make a habit of going to the gym, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take a bath in cologne before you go.  It makes people sick and want to kick you in your shins because you are stinking up the place.  And the place already stinks anyway because of everyone's sweat, and here you are trying to smell good and really you are just stinking worse than the rest of us.  Gross to the 10th degree.

And it wasn't even good smelling cologne.  

I'm going to go eat some ice cream now.  All of this talk about the gym has worn me out. :)
Happy Tuesday y'all!

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Katie said...

glad you had a great day! And I hate when people wear too much perfume or cologne!