Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The One of No News!

Like the title says....I really have nothing new to tell you, my blogger friends.  So I'll just throw some stuff out there for you to hold on to until something very interesting comes along!

  • I "ellipticalled" (I just made that word up.  It's a great word if I do say so myself) for an hour today= 505 calories burned= 4 1/2 miles.  It was great until I got off and almost fell over because my legs were so wobbly.  I'm sure I gave the rest of the "gymers" (another word I just made up.) quite a laugh!
  • I had class tonight.  It was a fiasco when I arrived because 1) there was no parking in the 1 parking lot that I park in.  I had no idea where else to look for parking! and 2) I had a TEST that I was almost late for due to the parking issues!  I did make it to my test though and I think I did pretty good on it.
  • I. LOVE. HARRY. POTTER.  I'm sorry if you guys don't understand/agree.  But I grew up in the "Harry Potter" era, craze, fanatical insanity- whatever you want to call it and I can't wait to see the movie on Friday.  No, I *feel* old and don't stay up late anymore so I couldn't make it to the 12 AM viewing.  BUT...I am re-reading the whole series.  Yessss.
  • I hope everyone had a wonderful day!  I love reading about what you guys have been up to during the day:)  So thank you!


Katie said...

I can't do the elliptical!! I'm so uncoordinated that I get all jumbled up on it and feel like my legs are going to tie into a knot! haha

mylittlebecky said...

harry potterrrrr! i'm going tonight (fingers crossed!).

happy saturdeee!

ps i completed your tagarooni!