Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

A little late, but what can I say? It's only 2 days until Christmas so I've got quite a lot going on! :)

But, here is the update on the Roberts-Bell wedding (I get so giddy when I see "Roberts-Bell wedding!! Ahhh!):

  • The contract has officially been turned in to the Ballantyne Resort and we were given an upgraded suite for our first official night as Mr. and Mrs. Bell! (Okay, I get pretty giddy about that, too!)
  • We have narrowed down who we want to officiate at our wedding. We still have to go through the "interview" process, but I'm thinking positively and that it will work out :)
  • We didn't hire a wedding coordinator, but my grandparents have a friend, Judy, who is absolutely wonderful at organization and more importantly, getting people to do what they need to do! We have enlisted her help in the wedding day festivities and I know she will keep everyone on track! I'm so excited and honored that she agreed to help us!
  • We've also decided to save money with flowers. We will get a florist to do the bouquets and lapels but another family friend is going to help us do the floral arrangements for the reception tables and probably the ceremony as well. I'm really excited about it because I will be more relaxed knowing people in charge of flowers will actually listen to what I want!
  • We are still looking for a photographer. I've looked at a few and really liked their styles, but most of them have been pretty expensive. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but hopefully we will find someone soon--I'm ready to get on those engagement photos!! :)
  • I'm not sure if I mentioned this in last week's post or not, but David has started looking at wedding rings!! (Might be a little frightening for him, actually, haha!! I kid...) I'm excited to see what styles he likes.
  • One more bridesmaid to add to the list and she'll get her gift right after Christmas! Hopefully Wedding Wednesday will start introducing the bridesmaids. (But I said that last week too, and here we are...)
That's all for now! I'm so glad I can blog about this so I will have this to look back on in the future:) (AKA, when I'm not so stressed, haha!)


Sarah Robbins said...

Yeah! I love Wedding Wednesday already! So exciting to book your place AND to have a wedding helper! Can't wait to hear about the bridesmaids and see the way you asked them.

You will get there on the photographer- you have lots of time so don't stress!

Ooh, wedding rings- so fun!

And how awesome that they upgraded your room?! I bet it will be so fancy and wonderful. . . Are you going to have friends decorate it for you or are you leaving that up to your soon-to-be hubby?

I think the flower thing is a great idea. You will save money and be happier in the end to have more of a say in what they look like.

Jen said...

Just found your blog and love it! I look forward to reading your Wedding Wednesdays! I esp love your little doggie; SO cute!