Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Normally, I participate in Wordless Wednesday, but since something pretty exciting is happening next September, I've decided that for my own sake I'm going to make Wednesday, "Wedding Wendesday" for me for a while! That way I can look back and remember all the planning I put in to our big day! So hopefully every Wednesday will be an update on what's going on wedding-wise.

So far:
  • I have narrowed down and found the place I'm going to get married! My ceremony and reception will be at the same place :) It will be held at the Ballantyne Resort and is such a beautiful place!
  • We have decided on a date: September 24, 2011! I can't wait :) It sounds like a pretty day to have an anniversary, doesn't it?
  • I have decided on my maid of honor and bridesmaids! As well as a very cute way to ask them! I haven't officially asked all of them yet, so I can't post my idea or pictures yet, but as soon as everyone knows and accepts I'm going to let you guys know! David has also narrowed down his best man and groomsmen, but hasn't asked them yet. He said, "I'll probably ask them in like January or something..." --what a guy haha!
  • We are now in the throes of finding someone to do our ceremony for us ( I think we know who, we just still need to ask!), a photographer, and a dj. In case you didn't know--these are all expensive. Which stresses me out.
  • We are also deciding on a live string quartet for our ceremony. What do you think about that? Any pros and cons from the blog world?
  • I have decided on my colors! They will be purple and cream. I think it's going to be so, so pretty!
That's about it for now. Maybe by next Wednesday all the bridesmaids will be accounted for and I can start introducing them to you! :) Happy Wednesday!


Sarah Robbins said...

Oh I LOVE that you are doing this! I just love wedding details, therefore I will comment on all of yours!

-That place is GORGEOUS! It totally suits your personality and the purple and cream will be beautiful there!
-String Quartet- awesome idea and SO classy. You should look at local colleges. When I was a debutante and planning events, this was an inexpensive way to get really good musicians. They are still really good, but they are way less costly than professional performers.
-I can't wait to see how you asked your bridesmaids. I think it is so fun when people do it a cute way.
-Good luck finding all your support staff. I remember how expensive that all is, but you will get there. You have lots of time (but it's going to fly by- happily!).

Looking forward to hearing more next Wednesday!

a life of color said...

I don't know much about weddings but I love the colors you have decided to go with! Great choice! Happy planning to you :)

Ashley said...

So exciting! Love the idea for your colors! What color purple? And I love the string quartet-I've seen that in a few weddings and loved it!