Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Love the Weekends.

Hello all!

So far, it has been a very productive weekend! I've caught up on everyone's blog, got some schoolwork done, and had some fun in there somewhere too! Last night, a bunch of us nursing girls went out for a couple birthdays: Seana and Vanessa! We had a large group going (Vanessa's boyfriend took pictures of everyone with his nice camera, but they haven't uploaded their pictures, but as soon as they do, I'll deliver some...I'm sure you're eagerly awaiting them...ha!) and the birthday girls decided they wanted to go to Butter , a really nice gorgeous night club and we had so much fun! We met at Seana's for some pre-birthday fun and I got this great picture of me and David:

I just love this one:) Maybe because I don't see him enough! (Even though that will be changing in the near future...still sooo excited about my internship!)

The girls had a lot of fun at Butter! We danced and danced, and danced some more!

*Here we are at the club: Dev, Vanessa, and me!*
The three guys that went enjoyed getting to "hang out" and chat.
We had planned to go hiking today, but we were so exhausted from last night that we changed our minds--we decided to go shopping today instead:) I only got one thing, this beautiful dress!

Actually, David bought it for me. He is the one who picked this out for me! Isn't it pretty? I love when he picks out clothes for me because they are always gorgeous and he seems to know what will look good on me:) I love him so much!

Tomorrow, we have plans to go to lunch with David's cousin Russell and his fiance Jamie. Hopefully that works out because it would be so much fun! And my grandparents are coming back from being out of the country and my mom is picking them up tomorrow night--and I've decided to tag along in picking them up! Can't wait to see them:)

I hope you all are having a great weekend!