Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

Today was a great day! MY first class was an "online" day so we didn't have to go in until 1pm! I had a pharmacology test at 1 and was expecting to stay after for lecture, but unfortunately (or fortunately for me?) the professor was sick and let us all go after the exam! I feel bad he was sick, but was grateful for the day off:) But the best thing about today is that it is my good friend Vanessa's 22nd birthday! She is one of the sweetest, kindest girls I have ever known and she is a great friend! She is just beautiful inside and out and I am so lucky to be her friend! So today, after our test, our other friend Dev, surprised Vanessa with a cookie cake and our close group of girlfriends sang happy birthday to her! I don't think she was surprised (considering she rode to class with Dev...who had the cookie cake in her car!) but I know she loved it!

*V with her cookie cake, isn't she so cute?!*

It was such a beautiful day here and we didn't have class so we decided to walk over to little park nearby and sit out and eat cake and chat!

*Back row L to R: Kelly, Wai, and Dev! Front row L to R: Leslie, me, Whit, Kathleen, and V!*

It was so nice to just unwind and spend some time hanging out--without doing anything nursing related! When we left, I really felt like it was the weekend, ha! Which probably isn't a good thing since it's only Monday...

*What would a photo shoot be without a funny action shot, right??!*

I was very productive when I got home this evening and finished about 3 things on my list to do this week so I'm thankful for that! I hope you all had a great Monday and have a great week:)


P.S.- you know I'm bad at taking pictures...these aren't even mine, I stole them from Dev! Isn't that awful haha?! What can I say? :)


vanessa said...

u r so sweet ! love you girl !

Sarah Ann said...

looks so fun :) sweet blog!