Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday 5's- Favorite Restaurants!

Yes. This is me jumping on the band wagon...again.

But I don't care. :)

This week's Friday 5's (you can find them at Just me and My Life!) are your favorite restaurants! So here we go!

1. My all-time-favorite-I-would-eat-there-everyday-if-I-could-restaurant is Nami! Nami is a japanese sushi restaurant in Anderson, SC. And oh my lordy it is to die for. I didn't like sushi before I started eating at Nami, but now when I go there, it's all I will get! They have amazing service and I literally go there every time I go to Clemson!

2. My second favorite restaurant is Zapata's. It's a mexican restaurant and they have the best chicken enchiladas I have ever tasted! Annnd they bring you two kinds of salsas with the chips! One that's kind of spicy and one that's more sweet, so you can choose which salsa to use that week (because, yes, I do go to Zapata's on a weekly basis.) I'm not ashamed to admit that.

3. I also love, love, love Nakato's. It's also a Japanese restaurant (are you sensing a pattern here??) This is one of those hibachi places and they have the BEST noodles and sauteed veggies around. They give you so much food, though, I never can eat it all! But it's okay, because David seems to finish it for me:)

4. I also really like Outback. I usually get either a salad or "the outback special" (8 ou. sirloin) which both probably have the same amount of million calories, but they are sooooo good. They also give you way too much food and I never finish here either. Their green beans are good too:)

5. Lastly, one of my other all-time favorite restaurants is in the kitchen of my grandmother's house!! She is the best cook I know and can throw together anything with any ingredients and it will taste phenomenal! And best of all, it's free!! :) *

*I know this doesn't really count as a restaurant, but I don't eat out much, so I'm making this one count:)

What are your favorite restaurants?!



Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I love how you used your grandma's kitchen as one of your fave restaurants... too cute! I feel the same way about my mama's kitchen - best food ever!

Ashley said...

Aww! Love that you put your grandmother's house! A grandmother's food just always tastes the best! Love your blog!

Beth McC. said...

Love your list and I love that you put your Grandmothers kitchen on there! SO great!! Outback=Yummy! Thanks for doing my Fridays Five!! Happy Weekend!