Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, out of 20 blogger friends, only 5 commented, so thank you 5 people so much! I'm glad you guys like reading about my life enough to join my giveaway:) Now for the winner! To get a winner, I used a random generator from my psychology days at Clemson! The winner is:

(Who also happens to be hosting her own giveaway right now, so make sure you go on over and check hers out!)

Congratulations! Unfortunately I am old school and don't know how to send packages and stuff through the internet, so Joanna, e-mail me your address by Monday and I'll get your package in the mail (hopefully!) on Tuesday! My e-mail is

Thank you to all of you though, for messaging me and I'm sorry everyone couldn't win:( Maybe once I'm out of college I'll have more money to spend on giveaways haha! Thanks so much guys and congratulations again Joanna Noel!!



Katie said...

so sad I missed this!! Can you tell I have been lagging in the blog world! Not only did I miss the original post but the wordless wednesday! Man I need to get my act together!!

Anonymous said...

Haha congrats to Joanna Noel!

Joanna Noel said...

Ahhhhhh......I am so excited! YAA!! Sending you my address right now :) :)