Monday, March 15, 2010

We are Family! Part One

Would you guys like to meet my family? I was trying to come up with a good post for you guys today because:

1) my morning started off great and quickly turned sour when my car started pooping out and I'd rather not relive that experience and
2) I talk about them a lot sometimes and thought you might like to put faces to their stories. Also, I don't know what else to blog about today so this is what you get!

Without further ado (is that how you spell that word?? oh my gosh I don't even know.) introducing:

Momma Roberts is, well...what it says she is. My mom. She is the best mom in the whole world universe, and no I'm not just being sappy. My parents have been divorced since I was a baby so she's been the one who has kissed my scraped knees (as long as there wasn't too much blood...that becomes a job for someone a little less blood-phobic...), driven me to practices, and watched me grow up. She's pretty awesome and I love her! I talk to her at least 3 times a day when I'm away, if not more. She's a teacher and extremely good at what she does! She's renewing her National Boards this year, so keep your fingers crossed for her!

Macy...what is there to say about Macy? She is an 80 lb. golden retriever lug who just wants attention. She likes to think she's a 5 lb. lap dog and sometimes that doesn't work out too well. And sometimes she can squeeze out a fart that laps the best of them. They are some real stink bombs. But she's always smiling and happy, even when she gets in trouble--especially when she gets in trouble! She's a booger, but she's Marley's best friend.

Yes, Marley has 2 last names for now. I will not let him give up his middle last name until his mommy gives up hers;) He is a 5 lb., adorable ball of fur. He thinks he is an 80 lb. lug (do you see some role reversal going on here??) and lets out a fierce chicken squawk bark. He very much believes to the depths of his soul that he is ferocious enough to take on the pit bull that lives next door. He is a mommy's boy if there ever was one (and there have been plenty I know this for a fact) and has the biggest ears you've ever seen on a dog. Interesting fact: just because he has big ears does not mean he minds me better. It means he has a larger range of "selective hearing".

Probably my knight in shining armor. He comes to the rescue (all 2 streets away, he doesn't even need a horse for that trip!) any time there is a major catastrophe--such as blood gushing out of my knee so much my own mother couldn't be near me (see related family Momma Roberts for full details.), or the time right after my jaw surgery when my nose was bleeding so much and he couldn't stop it so he sped like a bat out of hell to get me to a hospital, or even when our refrigerator blew up bit the dust. He's a baseball coach (and a good one at that!) and pretty much the best uncle ever. Sorry folks, he's taken!

My mom's sister, my uncle's wife, and my aunt. She works at a dentist/orthodontist office and can spot a type 3 malocclusion (or something like that...) from a mile away. My second home is her house where she reprimanded me took care of me while my mom was working. She's my go-to person when I'm going through something "scary" and feel like I'm five years old again. Like when I had 4 inch tampon things pulled out of my nose (the whole jaw surgery thing again...) wide awake. As in no anesthesia. It's a good think I don't really remember very much--but I do remember her holding my hand!

"Scotty" is now referred to as Scott. He would probably shoot me if he read this. Although I can call him what I want. I am his favorite cousin after all. Amy is still referred to as Amy. I'm her favorite cousin too. I'm not being conceited, I'm being truthful. :) They are pretty much my brother and sister (lucky though for me, I could give them back!) I spent enough time with them growing up for it to be so. Scott is a senior at Georgia Tech and will be attending Duke in the fall for a masters program and Amy is a freshman at UNC. Wow...a family full of smart people--watch out world! I love them. So don't mess with them. Or else.

Previously known as "gan-gan" (heyy...I started talking at 8 months, give a girl a break.) and "granddaddy-o" (I liked to make up names...) he is the gentleman in my life. He is always willing to do anything for anyone and loves, loves, loves his grandchildren. He runs 6 miles a day and takes me on weekly Starbucks dates. He is strong, kind, gentle, and very much in love with my grandmother--which is so daggum precious. He is retired and likes to travel with my grandma. I love him:) Isn't he cute?!

"Grandmommy-o" is brilliant. Literally speaking. She has her doctorate in English and to this day, continues to write papers for conferences with her friends. She travels all over Europe and brings home the most unique goodies. She is also retired and spends her days lunching with friends and cooking the most delicious meals. She has an amazing sense of fashion and likes putting outfits together for her granddaughters! I am not complaining! She is fabulous and loves to spoil her grandchildren. I'm sorry if you don't have a grandma like her:)

Well that's it for part one. I'll have the other half of my "family" tomorrow--ish. Hopefully. If I have time. Otherwise it will be in a few days ha:) Happy Monday!



Katie said...

Loved meeting your family! Especially your Momma :)

Heather said...

So sweet! :) This was a great idea for a post. It always nice to put a face with the names and stories that people share!