Friday, April 30, 2010

DONE!!! And Friday Fives:)

Y'all, I am D-O-N-E with my first year of nursing school! I had my last final today and tonight it's out with my girls to celebrate!! (And then tomorrow it's sleeping in 'til noon, because I deserve it!)

PS- I'm sitting outside watching Marley play in his puppy pool. But he's not alone. He's playing with a stranded fly who just happened to land in the pool with him. If I liked flies I'd think it was sad that Marley keeps dunking him underwater with his paw, but I don't like flies.

OKAY. So on to Friday Fives! This week's fives are your favorite movies! So here goes:

. A League of Their Own- a movie about the very first all american baseball league. Gena Davis and Tom Hanks star in it. I could literally quote this whole movie to you, it's that good. If you haven't seen it, you should.

2. Pride and Prejudice- the one with Keira Knightly...I don't know what it is about this movie, it's not action-packed and really peaceful and I just love the story so I guess that's why I enjoy the movie!

3. The Lion King- it's my favorite disney movie. I love it, I love it, I love it. They don't make movies like that anymore...sad. PS- Is JTT really gay now? Say it ain't so.

4. Mamma Mia- I love musicals and most of the ones made into movies just plain stink. But this one is so good! And....I can sing along and not feel self-conscious with everyone staring at me in the theatre :) PS- seeing James Bond singing S.O.S. just cracks me up every time. I know it's not supposed to be funny, but come on! He's James Bond! Not some hopeless romantic:)

5. The Sound of Music- this is my mom's favorite movie and therefore I watched it a lot growing up! It's a fairy-tale version of the real story (which is a good story in itself, so if you like this movie you should definitely get some info on the real Von Trapp family!) Again, I can sing along with this movie as well:) I think one of my favorite scenes is where the children sing a song and their father joins in....oh and also when Liesl sings " I am 16 going on 17...."

I can't wait to see what your favorite movies are and figure out which ones I need to see that I haven't yet! I'm going to get ready to go out tonight--and yes, there will be pictures from my camera this time!! :)

Happy Friday!



Beth McC. said...

Great Picks! Thanks for doing my Friday Fives

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I love Sound Of Music. When I was little I would dance around singing with the movie.

Ashley said...

Mamma Mia is fantastic! Love love love it! Love your new blog design too!