Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Year Nursing School = Done!

Yes, that's right...I'm officially done with my first year of nursing school! Hallelujah! I finished my last final on Friday morning and have literally been going through the days thinking, "Okay...what do I need to do next? What is due next week that I should do now?" (Obviously, it hasn't sunken in yet that I actually have nothing school related to do.)

I have a couple more weeks until I'm with David for good for the summer, but I'm down here now because I had an "employee physical" today. It took about 45 minutes to complete and they even had to take blood! I'm a nursing student and I can stick people with needles and even take other people's blood without even flinching...but when it comes to my thank you I do not want to watch you pull it out of my vein! And yes I still have the band-aid on :) (You case it starts to bleed again??)

Friday night was an absolute. blast. I kid you not, we had such a good time! It was so nice to relax and not worry about anything:) We danced, and danced, and danced some more! I think I'm still catching up on my sleep, ha!

*The love birds:) PS- I looove V's hair like this:) *

*All of the girls who came out on Friday night! We're so perrtty...I'm not biased or anything ;) *

*I realize this picture needs an explanation: School makes you crazy. The end. Okay, but things to note about this pic (aside from my facial expression.) 1. My crazy arm moves. There are about 5 other pictures with my arms flailing in all directions-apparently I think that is called dancing. 2. V's face is priceless- she looks like she about to say "come and get me". 3. Kelly (hot mamma in the background) just looks, well, like a hot momma!*

*You already know I love these girls. And if you don't you can read it for yourself:)*

Well, I'm off to have lunch with Jess! She is coming up on Thursday to take care of Marley boy while I go out of town to my cousin's graduation. Isn't that so awesome of her? Her Marley (Big Marley) and my Marley (Little Marley) are bff's so I'm sure they will have a great time:)


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Katie said...

Congrats on having the first year done! Such a great accomplishment :)