Monday, August 10, 2009

The One With The Weekend of Busted Elbows

First, I'm so glad to have caught up on everyone's blogs!  David and I didn't get back from the lake last night until about 10:30 pm because we hit a wall of traffic halfway home.  Aaargh.  Not what you need when you are pooped from a weekend at the lake! We were so tired so I read the blogs and went to bed.  But, we had an absolute blast at the lake this weekend!  The "crowd" at the lake this weekend ended up being me, David, Scott, Kenny, David's parents, David's mom's friend, Susan, and her boyfriend.  On Saturday night, David's poppa joined us for dinner so that was a nice surprise!:)

Saturday was a great day and we innertubed, laid out, and rode the jetski!  David and Kenny wakeboarded a couple times but I was too chicken to try it ha!  I really think it was probably for the best too since, you know, I probably would have face planted.  I made dinner Saturday night- Cornflake Chicken- I was going to take pictures but in the hustle and bustle of a house full of people, I simply forgot!  But it turned out really good and we had corn off the cob, green beans, and wild rice to go along with it!  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it so that made me happy!  I'd have hated to cook a meal and everyone not like it ha!

Sunday was just as good a day as Saturday!  We mostly innertubed all day...leading to the post title of busted elbows.  Everyone innertubed so much over the weekend that we all left with our elbows rubbed raw!  Mine even bled ha!  But it was totally worth it!  Hopefully they scab up and heal quickly because I think we are going back to the lake next weekend haha!  We stayed at the lake until about 7:00pm, said goodbye to Kenny (by the way, David really enjoyed having his "bff" there...they had a lot of fun trying to throw each other off the innertubes!) and Scott, and headed home.  

Today David is back at work and I am doing some chores around the house (like laundry...amazing how that stuff piles up...) and waiting for my boy to get home!  We are going to look at a house that's for sale after he gets off work so I'm looking forward to that!

Here are some pictures from the weekend!  

David taking his mom on a ride on the jetski!

The boys (Scott, Kenny, David) looking goofy in the goggles diving for Scott's lost sunglasses!

Kenny trying to throw David off the innertube!

David flew on top of Scott making a "Scott Sandwich"!

Spending some quality time on the lake with my boy:)

Kenny and Erin *love* David:)!!


P.S.- and possibly the BEST part of my day is that I have Marley back!  My mom dropped him off around 10:30 am this morning and we have been having so much now that we are back together:) Ha!


Carolina Girl said...

Love the lake. Perfect place to be on a hot weekend.

Katie said...

Cute picture of you and David! Glad you had fun, I guess you are going to have to start wearing elbow pads! haha