Friday, August 14, 2009

The One with Friday Faves Week 2

Hey guys!  So I'm a week late starting Friday Faves, but I'm excited about it!  This weeks' topic is Favorite websites you visit! 

If you want to participate, you can go here to read about future week topics and maybe just read the blog- it's really sweet:)

So here goes!  My all-time favorite website is....
I really don't know why I like it so much, but I guess it's because I'm nosy and want to see what everyone is up to!  I literally get on and check facebook 5 times a day.  Or more.  It's a sickness y'all.

My other favorite website is !!  I found this website, probably about 2 years ago and just found myself looking at the updates every week!  The time wasn't right for me to get a puppy, but last summer I just gave in and this is where I got Marley from!  Nancy is the "mommy" to all of the dogs and I was amazed at how well-kept these dogs are and Marley was perfectly healthy when we brought him home and got him checked by the vet:)  If anyone is looking for a yorkiepoo in the southeast, I highly recommend visiting Nancy!  You can get yourself a precious angel that looks like this- 
Yes, he's pretty much perfect, but we all know that by now don't we?? Haha!

The 3rd website I visit pretty much daily is CNN's online website, basically just to catch up with the news.  When I was in college, I found myself being completely unaware of the world outside my college town so I got in the habit of checking CNN daily to find out what was really going on:)  And I guess that habit has just stuck with me!

Well those are my websites and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do! :)  Happy Friday!


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