Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The One Where Marley Chewed Up the Phone.

Yes, Marley has not been a very good puppy tonight.  We came home from David's today and he has been a little....rambunctious.  Or a lot.  He and Macy have been chasing after one another, biting at one another, growling (in a playful way!) at one another and finally, I had had enough.  So I told them to go find something "productive" to do, because, you know, dogs really listen.  Really, they do.  Macy laid down to nap.  

Want to know what Marley did?

He chewed. up. the. cordless. phone.

Yep.  He did.  He was all quiet and just chomping away and I thought, "well look at that! He's being so good!  He went and got a bone!" (and I'm fairly certain he knew what I was thinking and just laughed at me!)

Then I saw the black pieces.  Oh the horror.  The entire antenna was just eaten to bits.  And he looked satisfied.  Until he got in trouble.  Then he moped a little (with his ears down the whole time and if he had a tail I'm fairly certain it would have been tucked between his back legs....), kissed me to make up a little, and is now snuggled up right next to me with his paw so preciously laying on my arm, asleep.

Well I can't be mad at him now, can I?!  He kissed me and has his paw on me while he's sleeping!  He's just so darn cute:)**  Nahhhh....I can't be mad at him.  See how cute he is?

Try dealing with that face in real life!  You would crumble too, you would!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday:)  If you want to talk, don't try to call because, phone has been chewed up.  Just leave me comments here ha!


**I'm pretty sure he uses this "cuteness" factor to his benefit...


Katie said...

hahahaha that is so funny! Silly Marley :)

Anonymous said...

This is the first time that I read your facebook page and I want to say 'thank you so much' for recomending my web site. I so glad that Marley is loved so much even if he does make a mistake lol.