Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The One with Aggrivation

I'm a little on the aggravated side right now.  I came home from David's today because 1. I have my nutrition final tomorrow and 2. two little girls I babysit for wanted to do something this evening.  It is getting harder and harder to leave David.  We have such a good time when we are together.  We do laundry together, we cook together, clean together...and we goof off while we do all of that.  It's just fun.  So like I said, it's getting harder to come back home each time.  Which kills me because school hasn't even started and I know I'm going to get busy between school, and...unfortunately work.  When will we ever see each other? :(

Well today was just as hard and when I got home my mom wasn't here, which was okay.  But her dog Macy was.  (Macy is the golden retriever in the pictures).  Macy is basically 80 lbs. of lazy dog and she's very stubborn.  Macy and Marley get along for the most part.  Marley bites Macy's feet to get her to play and she doesn't play too rough with him.  Except for one thing:  Anytime Marley is getting more attention, Macy gets pissed.  She starts chasing him around the room and trying to nip at his neck.  He hunkers down, rolls on his back, and hides underneath chairs.  The vet says she's "trying to assert her dominance" but I say she's pissed that he's an attention hog.  Either way I don't like it because he is so small and she could really do him some damage if she's not careful.  

In her rampaging fit of running after Marley to attach herself to his neck, she ran smack into me.  This dog can break kneecaps people, I have no doubt.  She does what she wants, when she wants.  She ran smack into me and her toenail DUG into my big toe.  I crumpled into a crying heap on the floor holding my tiny toe that this 80 lb. lug had just bruised to bits.  I was so mad.  I had a golden retriever growing up and she NEVER acted like this.*  She never even ran into people!  And she certainly didn't half decapitate your toe on a wild rampage, whether she meant to or not.  

So all in all, this has been a terrible home coming.  And I hate to say that because I love my home.  I miss David, I miss part of my toe, and I loathe that stupid dog.  She needs to learn  a) to CALM DOWN FOR GOODNESS SAKES. and b) that Marley is not a play toy.  Even though he may look like one.

I need a nap.  Happy Tuesday guys!

*I may be slightly partial to my golden retriever growing up.  I mean I'm an only child and she basically was my "sibling".  Also, she basically acted human and Macy most definitely does not. 

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Katie said...

aww! I hope you feel better soon! And tell that stupid dog to knock it off!!