Thursday, August 13, 2009

The One Where We're 17 Again!

Have any of you in the blog world seen the movie "17 Again"??  It has Zac Efron** and Matthew Perry in it.  I watched it tonight with my mom and it is actually a good movie!  It's pretty funny and although it's kind of weird how dad turns back to his old self, the end of the movie is really cute!  If you haven't seen it, you definitely should:)

**I'm not gonna lie...when the movie first came on it was like identical to High School Musical with Zac Efron dancing all around and I'm pretty sure we're all tired of High School Musical...

Today was a pretty easy day.  My mom (she's a teacher) had to move classrooms for the like 3rd year in a row, so I went up to help her move all of her stuff.  However, the dimwit who was in her class before her (and had the nerve to get mad because she wants to wait until the last minute) hasn't moved out most of her junk so there was only so much we could do today.  I had a doctor appointment and then came the highlight of my day: Starbucks with granddad.

If you've read previous posts you know that one of my favorite things to do is go to starbucks with my granddaddy:)  It's kind of become our "thing" and we always enjoy doing that together!  I ended up staying at my grandparents house for a while this afternoon and having margaritas and sitting on the back porch.  It was really nice getting to catch up with the g'rents:)

I suppose this post is pretty boring and full of useless blog information so I'm going to end here!  Ha, tomorrow though I'm starting "Friday Faves" from Mis over at It's Almost Naptime!
So be looking forward to that!  Have a wonderful night and tomorrow is Friday! :)



Katie said...

i hate when people run late or are poor planners!

Anna said...

I haven't seen 17 again YET, but really want to. I'll take your advice and watch it soon!