Sunday, August 2, 2009

The One Where it's Shark Week!!

Okay y'all.  I hate the ocean.  I hate the lake.  I've stated all of that before.  BUT.... I LOVE SHARK WEEK!!!!  It is officially that time of year again!  Shark week is probably one of the main reasons I am scared of the ocean, if we are completely honest.  But I just love all the shows they have, especially the ones about shark attacks because it gives me reason to say, "see?  That's why I don't go in the ocean."  And everyone else agrees.  And all is good in the world.

Aside from shark week starting today, David and had a pretty good Sunday (and so did Marley!).  We woke up late, had some yummy croissants from Trader Joe's for breakfast, and got ready for the day!  It was really gloomy, kind of chilly, and drizzly earlier in the day so we piled in the car and drove around town looking at homes for sale.  David is looking to buy a house within the year or next and let's face it- it's a buyers market!  Marley very much enjoyed today because he got to go on a ride!  We stopped at starbucks where he got 2 very sweet little puppy cookies that he proceeded to bury on my lap!  I , of course, got a grande white mocha- because I don't have braces and can drink more coffee now:)

Marley enjoyed sticking his head out of the window and David and I enjoyed driving around together and looking at homes.  It's fun to plan the future right?!

Chili's for dinner, a little clean out of the fridge, and we are ready to settle down for some more shark week business- and a little ice cream.  Sunday's are the best:)

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Katie said...

I love shark week too!!! Cute layout!