Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The One With A Little of This And a Little of That

Yesterday when David got off work we met a real estate woman at a home so we could see the inside.  We liked the way it looked online and it was really nice when we got there too...but I was really NOT impressed with the kitchen.  I love to cook and the kitchen was pretty much just a square.  Blah.  We have looked at other houses we really like and the kitchens were nicer.  We really like the neighborhood this house is in though.  There was another one for sale that we really liked, but it's under contract now so that's out of the question now.  We looked online again last night and found some other neighborhoods to look in so when David gets off work this evening we are going to go look in those neighborhoods!

We are also going to go watch David play soccer! (We being me and Marley!)  David has joined a soccer league around here and one of his old coaches is actually on the team too!  They are apparently pretty good so Marley and I thought we would go out to watch:)  I'm excited about it because I've missed getting to watch David play soccer.  

Well that's pretty much it for my day.  I've just been packing since I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days- oh- and I'm watching My Girl.  If you've never seen that movie, its a great movie:)



Katie said...

You are going to buy a house?!?! That is exciting!

mylittlebecky said...

i love looking at houses but it's SOOOO frustrating!