Thursday, August 6, 2009

The One With the Family Cook Out!

Believe it or not folks, we had the first family cook-out in years today!  And when I mean first cook-out...I mean where everyone in the family was there!  See, for the last 4-5 years, at least one of the grandkids has been gone off to school for some cook-outs, but this year, all kids were able to make it and boy was it fun!  It took me back to my "younger years" (ha, like I'm so old?!) when we were growing up and always at my grandparents house!  It was a nice evening:)  Amy is going off to school this year and Scott is going back to I'll be the one left behind this year:(  Oh well...more food for me right?!  Dinner was delicious and we ate out on the back deck because the weather was so nice!  Marley was just running around the yard and all of a sudden the backyard got really quiet.  We started calling for Marley and looking through the bazillion bushes in the backyard and he was nowhere to be found.  NOWHERE.  Marley had run away.  Every family member was scrambling around the neighborhood looking for him and right as we got back, Amy saw him come back into the yard through a little hole in the fence.  Well.  He had just had himself a little adventure.  But I can guarantee that won't be happening again, ha!  Here are a few pictures from tonight...not many though because we were too busy socializing:)

Sweet little Amy! :)

Me and Amy!!  Always have to get the girl pictures:)

Yup.  That's my cousin. Ha :)

Tonight is being spent on packing and making sure I have everything ready to head to the lake!  Like I've been saying for the past few posts, there is a big get together at the lake this weekend.  I'll be riding down tomorrow with my cousin Scott (who will head back to school once the weekend is over!) and I'll ride back with David!  I had made the plan a while ago to cook dinner for everyone on Saturday night so I've got to make sure I have everything ready...I'll be cooking for 12 people so wish me luck!! :)  I'll need it ha!

I'll take lots of pictures this weekend so you can see the ohsomuch fun we are sure to encounter:)  Again...if you've read before, I won't have internet so you'll just have to wait until Sunday night...or maybe even Monday!  What are you all doing this weekend?  Something fun I hope!

Gotta run finish packing!


Katie said...

Have fun!!! Can't wait to see pictures :)

mylittlebecky said...

hope you're having a blast! and also? you tell that marley to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN and then, of course, kisses!