Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

This has been a week for the books! I was supposed to go back to school Monday for my last semester of nursing school, but it's day 3 and we still haven't gone! And I am totally fine with that! I'm going to enjoy my last chance at snow day cancellations while I still can. :) I'm still recovering from my crazy illness, but feeling much better now! So much better in fact, that there has been a lot of wedding planning going on around here these last 3 days! So, here is the rundown for the last week:

  • The wedding diet/exercise plan has been put on hold until I'm feeling better. I'm still eating apples and bananas ;) but the running and weights has to wait until I can shower without getting tired haha! Hopefully I'll be 100% by next week and start full force again.
  • Last Wednesday, we met with our first group of photographers, OTL. (I'm not sure if I posted about this last Wednesday or not, so I'm putting it here just for good measure...) David wasn't here since it was the middle of the week, so mom went with me. We really liked them and they were very genuine and nice!
  • Saturday morning I had a meeting with a dj--I was so sick though! The poor guy probably didn't even want to shake my hand, ha! (No worries...I carry around large bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere I go...) And this time, David was here! I love the weekends because I feel like David actually gets to be a part of the planning process :) We really, really liked Joe. He works for Diamond DJ's and has for a while now, but worked in the radio business before, so we know he's good! Diamond DJ's came highly recommended from friends so we felt confident they would do a great job for us. We mainly met to make sure we liked him, felt comfortable with him, and that he would listen to what we wanted. He met all 3 criteria so we went ahead and signed a contract with him!
  • I was also supposed to ask my special people if they would be in my wedding on Saturday, but I was feeling so crummy I went to the doctor instead and changed up the date on them. It worked out well though, because they ended up having something else to do that day :) Hopefully that will be coming soon, though!
  • Sunday evening, we met with another photographer, Piper Warlick. Again, because David was here, he was able to meet with her! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting her, and I love her creativity and artistic pictures.
  • Now, this is the most fun part of the post for me because-- David and I settled on a photographer!! It was such a tough decision because both photographers we met with were amazing. We made a pros/cons list and that helped us not. at. all. ha! But we decided to go with Piper because her style was more of what we wanted. I'm so glad to have that decision made because now we can get on to the fun stuff! :)
  • The snow crept in so over the last 3 days, I've been updating my wedding binder. I've got magazine clippings with dresses I like and decorations I love.
  • Oh! Also, David and I will officially be married on September 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm!!! We had to set a time for the string quartet and that's the time we settled on...I can't believe it's only 254 days away!
Now, meet this beautiful bridesmaid:

This is my sweet, sweet cousin Amy. She is more along the lines of a sister to me than a cousin, though. We live in the same neighborhood and have our whole lives and when I was little, I would come home from school and stay at their house until my mom picked me up! Amy is a sophomore at UNC and has done so well there!
*Taken from Facebook-Uhlee Oh*

She volunteers at the hospital and is involved in a lot of activities at the school! She goes on mission trips every year and really has a heart of gold.
*Taken from Facebook-Brooklyn Stephens*

She is so kind to everyone and is so compassionate--honestly she makes me want to be a better person and the way she conducts herself is really an example to everyone she knows.
I'm so blessed to be able to call her family (and I'm not sharing!! ;) ) and I'm even more blessed that she has agreed to stand beside me and support me when I marry my best friend. I love you, Amy!

*I know this has nothing to do with my wedding, but I just wanted to say hello to my newest blog follower! Hi Jenna! :) I've been stalking her blog and she is so cute! You should stop by and leave a comment for her!


Ashley said...

Yay! You are getting so much done! Your wedding is going to be great-so exciting!

Jen said...

Oh how cute, I love your little bridesmaid bios! :)