Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the planet :) Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my last semester of nursing school is beginning and we all know how much time that takes away from blogging for me. This week I've been attending a Hurst NCLEX review session and that will go through Friday. (I'll also do the same review right at the end of my semester in hopes that a double take will help it stick more..!) But the class is from 8am-4pm so nothing excited has been going on. Except my wedding diet/exercise plan :)

Which brings me to Wedding Wednesday! The diet is going okay. (And just for the record, I'm not "dieting"--I'm not excluding anything from my diet that I already eat but I AM incorporating healthier things, watching my portions, and minimizing some of the unhealthier things. I can't live without chocolate! But I do feel like I would be happier if I took better care of myself--and if I lose a few pounds in the process then great!) It's actually going more on the good side of okay, ha! I've had to eat cream of wheat for breakfast and that just did not go over well with me so I'm back to oatmeal for right now :) But lunch and dinner has been pretty good! Dinner last night was lemon crusted salmon over a bed of couscous and asparagus--it was de-licious! And the leftover salmon was also really good on my salad at lunch today! Exercising has been going good as well, although we'll see how long all of this lasts once I get into the middle of this stressful semester, ha! :)

But in other wedding news, we have a meeting with a photographer tomorrow!! I've e-mailed a couple, some of them can't do it and I've only heard back from this one who can. I'm hoping to hear back from a few others before I make my decision but I'm glad to know someone has my date available! We also have a meeting set up on Saturday with a dj! I don't know much about dj's so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we like the guy and can go ahead and get that out of the way.

Also on Saturday, I will be asking some very important people to be a part of our wedding! I think I may have told you about these people before, but until I ask them, I'm going to keep that a surprise! :)

But for now, meet Jess:

This beautiful girl is one of my best friends! We are so alike that it's scary--especially for our guys when we all get together ;) We met at Clemson and were roommates until I graduated.
Jess just graduated this past December (yay!!) and just started a new job this week! I'm so excited for her! She really, really loves nutrition and her new job is going to let her work with what she loves. I'm very excited to say that her job is in Greenville which means when I move down in the summer for good--my bestie will be there too!!! Poor David and Jake, I'm not sure they will know what's hit them!
I'm excited for us to be together again and I know she is going to be the best maid of honor!

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