Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspiration Monday

So, in sticking to my New Year's resolution about learning to relax I have decided to make at least one post on Monday's "Inspiration Monday". I received a book of quotes for women last year for my birthday and have never read it and think maybe I should (especially with everything hanging over my head now: planning a wedding, last semester of nursing school, actually getting through nursing school, finding a job, an upcoming move to a different place after graduation, etc. etc.--the list goes on and on) and the encouragement will probably be good for me, ha!

And since my history has shown I need motivation to get something done, I'm thinking having a day set to post the encouragement will keep me honest :) If you don't want to read it, I'm fine with that, but I've got to do what's going to be good for me and what's going to keep me going! Hopefully though, you'll read something one day that will encourage you as well :)

So here is today's quote: "Embrace the wonder and excitement each day brings. For tomorrow affords us new opportunities...time to experience...time to create...time to reflect...time to dream." --Unknown

On that note, I'm going to embrace today by having Starbucks with my granddaddy (haven't had a date with him in a while!!) and head to the grocery store to pick up some healthy foods for my other new year's resolution ;) Happy Monday, y'all!!

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