Sunday, January 31, 2010

No School Tomorrow!

First things first, in clinicals on Thursday, I got to give my first ever immunizations to squirmy, crying children!! It was SO awesome! I think my God-given talent is that I'm really good with children and let me tell you, it was so awesome to be able to use my talent with these kids. Anyway! I left clinicals and booked it to David's because they were calling for a snow/ice storm. Well, the storm didn't roll in until Friday evening, and even then, we just got a bunch of ice and no snow! It definitely built up on the trees and grass, but the roads were okay. Back in Charlotte, however, the roads were all ice and no one was out driving. We were worried that I wouldn't make it home today for my test tomorrow! But, about 30 minutes ago, I found out that my classes are canceled for tomorrow! YEAH!

So this weekend was spent pretty much at home and I loved every minute of it. Thursday night I was exhausted so David watched tv and cleaned while I took a late afternoon nap. Friday night David was exhausted so I watched tv and cleaned while he took a late afternoon nap! It as great:) We woke up Saturday to all the ice and decided to stay inside in the warm! But there were a few kids down the street out sledding down their backyard hill:) Marley only weighs about 5 lbs. and could hardly walk on the ice! It was soooo cute, he kept sliding all over the place and the poor boy just couldn't find a good place to go potty! All of his sniffy spots were covered up by ice!

David did a lot of this:

* Boys and their video games! Marley was enjoying "daddy time"! *
And Marley did a lot of this:

* He's definitely a cuddler:) *

And on Saturday night, we went to a birthday party for one of David's work buddies, Keith. None of the pizza places were open so they went out and bought 11 pizzas. And when you send guys out to pick stuff up, they will always come back with something not on the list---and Saturday night it was a cheeseburger pizza that they proceeded to put pickles on top of!

* Obviously, it was really good...*

I didn't want to come home today, but then again, when do I ever like leaving David?! But good news is that I get to sleep in tomorrow and my test has been moved to another day. It was a great weekend and it looks like it's about to be a good week:)

I hope you guys have a Happy Monday!

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Katie said...

ew pickles on PIZZA!?!? haha

Have a good day off tomorrow!!