Monday, January 11, 2010

The One Where I Start Semester 2!

I started my second semester of nursing school today and I think it went pretty well! I had Health Informatics and Pharmacology today and I think they will be some good classes! I wasn't so excited about starting school again but I really enjoyed seeing all my great friends!

Mondays are long days so by the time I got home, I was exhausted! But I started p90x (yes, again) today and it KICKED. MY. BUTT. Ha! But I'm sooo looking forward to it...once I'm not sore anymore haha:)

Tomorrow I've got maternity/peds and mental health and I'm looking forward to both of those classes! I really think this is going to be a good semester:) Not to mention, I'm looking forward to 1) a SNOWSTORM since we haven't gotten one even though it's been 20 degrees and 2) warmer weather!! :)

I hope everyone had a great Monday! Good luck getting through Tuesday! (I find Tuesdays are the hardest days to get through ha!)


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Katie said...

good luck with the workout!