Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Butts and Jason Aldean!

Thursday I had my first clinical of the semester and it was great! I was at an OBGYN/Peds doctor's office that basically takes medicaide patients. I worked on the peds side on Thursday so I saw a lot of little babies and kids. I think the oldest child I saw was 6? Anyway, as for my title, I got to give my very first rectal temperature!! (Side note: I realize this is really not that exciting, but it's the little things right?!) The baby was about 6 months old and was just as happy as a lark! She smiled through the whole thing...much happier than if someone had stuck something up my butt :) Next week I'll be in peds again so I'm really looking forward to it!

I left clinicals on Thursday and headed straight for David's. We cooked tacos for dinner and watched Night at the Museum 2. It was a really cute movie! David went to work on Friday so I stayed home and did some reading and studying. (I have my first test on Tuesday!!) Friday evening David's parents, sister, and her boyfriend all came up to go to a concert! His parents are so awesome and got us all tickets to see Eric Church and Jason Aldean! I love love love Eric Church! (The very first concert David and I ever went to was an Eric Church concert at Clemson!) He always puts on a great concert and I really enjoyed seeing him! I'm not a huge Jason Aldean fan, like I don't own his c.d. or anything, but he put on a pretty good show as well! I was surprised at how many songs of his I actually knew so that made it more fun! David's parents have already gotten tickets for us for the Brad Paisley concert in March and I'm REALLY looking forward to that! David and I saw him in July and it rained through the whole concert! He put on an awesome show so I'm looking forward to seeing him again-- and staying dry this time!

Saturday was a lazy day. We went to IHOP for breakfast (yum!) and ran some errands. We watched Ocean's 13 and napped during the afternoon. For dinner, we all went to Cracker Barrel, which was delicious, and then everyone headed home. It has rained all day so it was a good day to lay around and watch tv! I spent the last few hours hanging out and being lazy with David before I had to head back for school tomorrow. It was such a fun weekend! Unfortunately I didn't get much studying done for my test....but it was totally worth it! :)

Have any of you seen Dear John? If you have, what did you think about it? I"m going to see it with one of my nursing girls and have heard different things! Have a great week!


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Katie said...

I really want to see Dear John! Glad you had a fun weekend with David! Good luck on your test :)