Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I know, I know...I haven't blogged in a few days! I've just really really really been enjoying my spring break:) But today's big news is....(drum roll please...) it's my 23rd birthday! Yay for birthdays and parties and friends...including bloggy friends!

I'm not doing much today for my birthday other than opening my gifts my family sent along with me for spring break and doing some school work that needs to get accomplished before tomorrow! Tonight, though, David and I are meeting my mom and aunt at Cracker Barrel for dinner! It's not my family dinner--that will come later! (I don't know about you, but I love keeping my birthday going for a few weeks ha!) But I'm excited that they were willing to meet me for dinner:)

Tomorrow David and I are headed to the beach for a few days and unfortunately there will be no internet! I'm sure you'll survive, seeing as I haven't blogged in a few days and you survived just fine without me then! (I'm totally kidding!) But I hope you guys have a great rest of the week and weekend. I'll leave you with a few pictures from this past week--See...I'm getting better at taking pictures to post for you guys! :)

*This is David and me in downtown Greenville after a yummy brunch with great friends:) *

* This is one of my best friends Jess, isn't she pretty?!*

*And here is our group shot! From left to right: David, me, Jess, and Jake*



d.a.r. said...

Happy birthday!!!

Katie said...

awww great post! And good job with the pictures!! :)

and of course...