Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The One That's Almost Done!

WELL.  This week I have 1 lab practical, 1 nutrition exam, and 1 anatomy exam.  But, this is my last week of anatomy!!  YAYYY!! :)  It amazes me the things that make me joyful these days haha:)  And actually anatomy isn't over until next week after my finals.  But, this is the last week of classes and that's what counts!

I'm currently sitting here watching my 4 lb. dog try and pick up a normal size frisbee.  He keeps putting his paws on it and isn't able to get it off the ground...haha poor thing.  He's a funny one!

Now I don't know what you all think about Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I realize we may have some differing views on the show.  I have been an avid fan since the very beginning and I am just really depressed about the newest twist in this story.  I had heard last week that they had an "important announcement" and I was hoping that they were going to say they weren't going to film anymore shows, get out of the spotlight and try to fix their marriage.  However, that is not what happened.  They are getting a divorce and this saddens me.  I feel like everyone tries to take the easy way out nowadays, but true relationships take work.  And Ed MacMahon died.  What a sad week.

Anywayyy.  I guess I should get back to studying!  I have a feeling that this week's practical isn't going to go as well as last week's.  Oh well:)  You can only study so much before your brain turns to mush!


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Katie said...

I totally agree! I was SO sad when I watched Jon and Kate the other night! :(