Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graduation Weekend #2

I've been MIA for the last week because I have been studying 24/7 for the NCLEX, the nursing licensure exam. I'm not telling anyone when I'm going to take it in case I don't pass, haha ;) I just don't want to deal with everyone's sympathy if I don't make it. BUT I am going to pass and I have post-its all over saying just that! So hopefully I can psyche myself into passing!

This past weekend we had another graduation in my family. My cousin Scott graduated from Duke University's Master of Engineering Management program!

Scott has an apartment up there so David, Marley, and I stayed with him and Kylie! Aren't they just the cutest couple? :)

Saturday was his hooding ceremony and he was so funny! He was half way across the stage before they even called his name :) We were definitely proud of him and to top it off, we found out earlier Saturday that he had an internship set up that will (fingers crossed!) hopefully turn in to a full time job! Yes!

*I love this fixing the hood before the ceremony :)

*I love this one looks so happy and proud!

We went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant after the ceremony and it was so delicious! Although, we had to pay for chips and salsa...what kind of mexican restaurant do you have to pay for chips at?! We were all really exhausted so we went back to Scott's apartment and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and hit the hay.

*And just because he is so handsome... :)

*And just because this is probably one of the best pictures of us!

We got up early Sunday for brunch at Bob Evans--Scott's request :) Then we headed to the Duke Chapel for the diploma presentations.

It was beautiful inside the chapel, but the serenity didn't keep people from whooping it up for their family graduates! It was a great ceremony and a wonderful weekend.

Gosh, we sure do have a lot to celebrate in this family! So proud:)

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a life of color said...

You will pass NCLEX...we both will!!!! Good luck to you :) If you take it before me you need to send study/test taking tips my way and vice versa.

I am using HURST review to study and I just love videos :)

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Congrats to SCott