Thursday, May 5, 2011

Graduation Week

Man, I have SO much free time now that I'm not constantly working on nursing stuff! I've already cleaned my room and my bathroom and re-watched the royal wedding (I know, I know. It's weird. I don't care!). And now I'm working on updating my blog! Monday I took my last nursing final (and to brag just a little...I ended up with at 97 on it!!) and that was the start of graduation week! When we left the exam, we all felt like we still had a million things to do for school! It hadn't actually hit us that we were completely done with nursing school! Lucky for us, the school had some things planned for us.

Tuesday afternoon, we had the Pinning Ceremony. The pinning ceremony welcomes new nurses into the field of nursing and we receive pins from our faculty. It was a really nice ceremony and Leslie won the Senior Nursing Award!! I was so proud of her :)

*She also had to give a speech and she did AMAZING!*

*My grandparents came to the Pinning Ceremony. They are always so supportive!*

*Receiving my pin! I'm letting my hair grow out for my wedding...I can't wait to cut it off! Ha!*

Yesterday, we had the Blessing of the Hands Ceremony. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I think it really hit home with us that we were through. We have made such wonderful friends over the last 2 years and it seems too soon to leave them!
*Getting my hands blessed by one of my favorite professors! (Photo courtesy of David O'Neal)*

*I sure do love these girls! (Photo courtesy of David O'Neal)*

Tonight, all of the girls are getting together to throw a "bachelorette" party for the three girls who are getting married! I think it is really just an excuse to get together again ;) But whatever the reason, I'll take it because I am going to miss these girls so much! Saturday is graduation and I think it is going to be bittersweet.

David's family will be coming up for my graduation and we are having a family party Saturday night! I am so looking forward to it! I just hope the weather cooperates! :)


Mimi to 3 said...

Congratulations Erin! You have worked hard, now enjoy the ride and all the fun and excitement in your future. We will be thinking of you Saturday as you graduate and enjoy some much deserved time celebrating with your family!

Michelle said...

Sounds so fun!! I'm so excited for you! This gets you one step closer to the wedding!! Woo hoo, have fun today and soak it all up :)