Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just a Few More Hours...

...and I will officially be done with nursing school! I have one last final tomorrow at 9:00am and I am more than ready for it to be done :) We have our class picture following the final and after that, I will be packing up those scrubs and putting them far, far away! (Until I get a nursing job, ha!)

But I just thought I'd update before going to bed! (After all, I don't have any more nights to stay up late before school!)

Thursday night, I spent the night with one of my nursing friends, Leslie, (who also happens to be a bridesmaid!) and we got up at 4:30am on Friday to watch the festivities. We kept saying over and over how glad we were that we decided to get up and watch everything live! We made a pot of coffee and just thoroughly enjoyed watching this fairy tale come true! I'm marrying a soccer boy so I was loving David Beckham :) His hair looked mighty nice combed to the side!

I also think Prince Harry is just the cutest thing (Chelsy Davy is so not, though...) and I thought it was so adorable how he turned around to see Kate walking down the aisle! And he seemed to have done a wonderful job keeping his brother relaxed on his big day :)

And Kate looked phenomenal. She is so beautiful and I really don't think the Queen could have asked for a more perfect woman for the future King of England to end up with.

I almost cried when Prince William told her she looked beautiful.

She held herself with such grace through the whole experience, but I loved her response when she first came out on the balcony, "Oh, wow!" They were all there for her!

I taped it, and yes, I've watched it all over since then :) (And since my semester officially comes to an end tomorrow, I will have ample time to watch it again and again throughout the week, I'm sure!)

Still on the same topic, my mom and I went to the mall Friday afternoon and look at what we saw:

Yes, even here in America, people were dressed up like the Duchess of Cambridge :)

But, I think even more exciting was the fact that my mom and I got locked in to Pottery Barn Kids with Usher! He was in town for a show and happened to be in PB Kids when the whole mall realized he was there. They kept wanting to take pictures of him and he was not happy about it so the poor lady who owned the store shut down and wouldn't let anyone in. So we had to stay put until they took him out the back way. I didn't get a picture of him because he was, well, angry, haha! I posted on FB that I saw him and one of my friends said, "no picture, then it didn't happen!" So, I saw him a while later and took a picture of him then! Unfortunately, it's his back, but by that time he had the mall cops taking him wherever he wanted to go :)

Oh! And an update on the baby bunnies: they all hopped the nest early last week. David was a little upset, but I told him that he had been a good daddy to the babies and they were going to do well out in the world ;) Kate Middleton got to marry her Prince, and I can't wait to marry mine :)

Have a great week, everyone!


Laura Darling said...

I also LOVED every single second of the wedding. They are just adorable and I am so happy for them. And I don't regret for one second getting up at 4:00 am!!

And that's crazy about your celebrity sighting!

Sarah Robbins said...

I didn't wake up early, but I have watched it twice! I even let baby Debby watch it and she doesn't get to watch any tv. She LOVED it. That's my little princess-in-training! Congratulations on finishing nursing school- what a tremendous accomplishment. Now you can focus on getting your Mrs. degree! :)

Meghan said...

Congrats on finishing school! That is amazing!

I totally agree with your take on the wedding! I loved all of the little moments, like Kate's reaction. So sweet!