Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Worst Blogger Award!

I nominate myself for the worst blogger award! ;) I'ts so hard to find time to blog when I'm in nursing school. I feel so guilty when I take the time to do anything other than nursing related...isn't that so bad? But I'm doing my tutoring hours today (well, I did some and no one else is signed up after...yay!) so instead of doing work I thought I'd update :)

This weekend David came up! I haven't seen him in 3 weeks so it was nice to get to hang out. I had to work Friday night so David spend the evening with Marley and Macy. (I couldn't bear to think about Marley staying all by himself at night! My mom went out of town so if David hadn't come up, poor Marley would have been all alone!)

Saturday, David and I went to dinner with our friends Vannessa and Dave, and Leslie and Hugh. We went to Cantina Fifteen Eleven. It was a yummy mexican place and we enjoyed the food, but our waitress was terrible! Oh well--good food and good friends makes for a great night in my book!

Also, some of my blog readers were wondering what kind of dog Marley is! I always enjoy bragging about my sweet pup so now is the perfect opportunity! Marley is a yorkipoo. (I know y'all are smart but just in case, he's half yorkshire terrier, half miniature poodle!) He's obviously got more yorkie in him than poodle, but he's got enough poodle that he doesn't shed--awesome! He's so smart...and oh my gosh, such a cutie! He loves to cut his eyes at you when he's playing so he looks like he's mad but his little nub just wags and wags!

He also loves to cuddle. He sleeps under the covers and really likes his space, but some part of him always has to be touching me. If he can't feel me during the night, he stretches his little legs out to touch my leg just to make sure I'm still there-- 100% love :)

He also thinks he's a big dog. Macy (my mom's 80 lb. golden retriever) just cowers when Marley starts getting on to her about something :) It's pretty cute! And he loves to "protect" me from all the boogers that come in our yard! (aka the birds...and squirrels...)

And of course his trademark--> his ears! He looks like a gremlin! The cutest gremlin I've ever seen ;)

Anyway, I'm pretty lucky to have such a sweet little guy who is always so happy to see me. He's not human, but he's definitely my baby! :)


Meghan said...

He is so so so cute! And tiny!

~A said...

Okay, he is so cute. And waaay more cuddly than my turtle. =)

Laura Darling said...

Look at how little he was!! Too cute! He always looks adorable!