Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer's End

Friday was my last day of work at the hospital. I made dirt cake as a "thank you" to everyone for being so welcoming. It was a big hit! I was so surprised though that my nurse, Heather, brought chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing on top! AND a big 'ole bag of pretzel m&m's! I don't know if you've tried these yet, but the first time I tried them I thought they were so dry! But I had a whole bag so I ate them anyway and now I love them!

Saturday, David and I just hung out. I decided I wanted to teach myself how to knit (it's going okay, by the way! I have everything down except for the purl stitch and for some reason every time I do it, it looks just like the knit stitch so I'm obviously doing something wrong...any tips?!) so David took me to Hobby Lobby and I bought the supplies. Saturday night we went to Nami and oh my gosh that place never disappoints me! It was just as good as it's always been!! I definitely ate my weight in sushi though...I need to start running again! :)

The majority of Sunday was spent packing all of my stuff and getting it to fit in the car where I could still see :) It was really bittersweet. I think I cried the good part of the last half of the day and I know I cried a lot that night! (What can I say? I'm emotional!) I had so much fun this summer and I'm really going to miss seeing David every day. I really got used to it and spending time with him! I'm looking forward to school starting though and hanging out with some of my girlfriends:)

Now I'm waiting on my momma to get home from working on her classroom so we can run some errands and go pick up some more fabric! I think my next project (until I can figure out that stinkin purl stitch!) is going to be sewing a pair of pajama pants...hopefully they'll turn out as well as my pillow--which is holding up well!

I hope ya'll have a great Tuesday:)

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