Monday, August 16, 2010

I Cooked It Too Long..

Hi friends!

Well, I'm back home and I was so happy to see these babies!

(I think they were happy to see me as well!) Since I've been gone, Jovie has learned what the word "cookies" mean and boy is it too funny!

When I bring Marley in from outside, he always gets a "cookie" (a doggy treat!). My mom watched Marley and Jovie for me while I was gone this weekend and apparently, grandma's got the goods ;) She bought Jovie some kitty treats and gives them to her on top of her play house so that the other dogs can't eat them first.

Now, whenever Marley comes in from outside, he runs to the pantry door (where his treats are kept) and Jovie runs to the top of her playhouse!! It is too darn cute for words :)

I got home around 11:30 this morning and started my workout routine again. I'm really just trying to "tone up" a bit (a lot...) so I'll be running different increments each day (or trying to ha!) and starting up P90X again. Today's work out completely rocked my nervous system to the core! I felt so shaky after I got done, but it felt so good to get a good work out in for a change!

Tonight, mom and I went to eat with one of her teacher friends from school. We had Lorenzo's pizza and it was delicious! I came home and wanted to warm up half of a chocolate chocolate chip muffin for dessert. Not thinking...I put the HALF of a muffin in the microwave for one. whole. minute. Stupid? I think so. I tried to eat it after it cooled off, but it was chewy and the chocolate chips were all kinds of nasty! Haha, so no dessert for me tonight! (Which is a good thing since I'm trying to slim down!! Ha!)

I'm off to play with my children tonight :) OH, ps! The sewing machine is back! So more crafts will be showing up soon!

Hope y'all had a great day!

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