Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marley is Angry.

Today I had my second day of my internship orientation. It was the last day of the general hospital orientation (thank goodness!) and it was soooo boring! I hate to say that, but it was all stuff we have heard may times before but they are required to explain to us because of OSHA and JCAHO regulations. So it was a long day, but tomorrow starts the extern program orientation! I'll find out my schedule for the next 3 weeks and I'm so happy about that! :)

I did learn a few things today though:

1. When you haven't run in a week (b/c of sickness!) definitely don't start by running up and down a hilly neighborhood! My arches in my feet are killing me today! I had no idea that would happen, but it hasn't been fun walking around the hospital with hurting arches, ha!

2. Marley is angry at his momma and daddy. Marley is so not used to being locked up for long periods of time during the day. My class schedule has been good enough to me that the longest he's ever been locked up is like 8 hours max. But yesterday, between David's schedule and mine, he was locked up for about 11 hours. (*I say "locked up" but we moved his bed into the bathroom, which is big, left him food and water, toys, and a potty pad so he had ample room and lots of things to do!) He was so excited when we got home yesterday and kissed us and whined and it was wonderful! As the night wore on though, he started acting up. He was biting our feet and when it was time for bed, he did not want to lay down! He paced and jumped off the bed a few times before he finally settled down. This morning, I took him out to go potty and he just would not go and I had to come back in and get ready to leave! Well. Marley went and peed. on. the. floor. And then proceeded to give us the most dirty look and wouldn't even kiss us goodbye!

Obviously he's having some adjustment issues ;) Luckily, I got out of orientation early today and he's been a happy camper ever since! He even made a new friend in the dog next door.

Tonight, David added me to his gym membership at a small gym near where he lives. I'm so excited because I've really been wanting to start some of the cycling classes I've heard about and they even have yoga classes and I loved my yoga classes in high school:) Also- just for my own benefit years from now- I ran 3 miles today without stopping!!! I'm proud of myself because I've been working really hard at continuing my running and like I said--my arches hurt haha!

Tomorrow will be my first day in my scrubs, so if I remember, I'll get David to take a picture!

Hope you all had a great day, any interesting stories??!


Katie said...

getting my gym membership was the BEST thing I ever did!

Laura said...

Poor Marley! It's so funny how dogs are so used to routine! My dog is used to being alone during the day, from about 7:30 until 3:30. But now I'm home from school and home during the day with her, and she is not really a fan! You would think she would like some extra company, but she acts like I'm encroaching on her territory and her alone time! So funny! Hope your dog adjusts soon!

Joanna Noel said...

Aww....Im sure all will be great for you this summer!
Ya for you and the 3 miles! You go girl!