Monday, February 8, 2010

Procrastination Station!

I have another test tomorrow and I am having the hardest time getting motivated to study for it! I'm so exhausted from today and I just worked out and I'm ready to just get in bed and sleep for days haha!

So I thought I'd update my blog. This weekend David was supposed to come up, but he had a cold last week and I told him to just stay home because I can't risk getting sick right now! 1. I can't miss school otherwise I'll miss too much information and 2. clinicals this semester are mom's and new babies and I can't risk bringing germs to them and making them sick! He was feeling better by this weekend so he made some major plans with his friends: HALO contest! Woohoo, you know you'd have liked to be a fly on the wall in that house on Saturday night! Ha! :)

I didn't do much. I went out to lunch and a movie on Saturday with my mom and some of her friends. We saw From Paris, With Love. It was better then I thought it was going to be but I wouldn't see it again! Unfortunately I didn't get much sleep Saturday night because a certain little booger kept me up sick all night! Poor little Marley had diarrhea and it carried over to Sunday morning. He was acting fine, all perky and all (but still had jungle butt!) and around 12 he just started getting really lethargic. I was studying for my test and he crawled up onto my lap and underneath the blanket I had and just laid there for hours and hours. He finally started throwing up sometime that afternoon and after that I think he started to feel better. He slept for a little while longer on my lap and when he started acting hungry I made him some rice! (Am I a good momma or what?!)

He's doing much better today and for that I am thankful because today's classes were totally stressing me out! And I'm going to be even more stressed out tomorrow if I don't find some motivation to study for my test so I'd better get going! How was Monday for everyone?!


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Katie said...

Glad he is feeling better, good luck with your test!!