Sunday, June 5, 2011


This marks the 2nd time today I've tried to sit down and come up with a blog! Apparently I'm lacking some motivation right now!! :)

Saturday, David and I took a trip to Dahlonega, GA for one of his Clemson teammate's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was at a ranch in the middle of the mountains so it was a wonderful view! I left my camera at home so I have no pictures :( I'm apparently really bad at taking pictures....maybe I should work on that.

Today we slept in and I officially decided what I want to do with my free time! I'm going to continue learning how to sew and start making jewelry. Unfortunately no job leaves me with little money to be "crafty" right now so I'm going to have to work with what I already have, which isn't much. It'll work out! And to top it off, I have been figuring out how I want my future craft room to look! David was just thrilled about that, ha!

Othar than that I don't have much going on so I'll leave you with a list of what's on my agenda!
  • Tomorrow I am going to watch one of my long-time friend's sweet little boy! It's so hard for me to believe we are already at the baby-making age but he is so precious. Lunch and catching up is also on the list ;)
  • My uncle coaches a legion baseball team here and they have a game tomorrow. I like supporting my family and this is what he loves to do so I love going to watch!
  • Tuesday I'm meeting with Edible Art for my wedding favors!! I am so excited about my favors! I'm hoping they are going to be as cute as I think they will be...and then my grandmother and I are going to work on bridesmaid gifts :) Things are moving right along in the wedding department and it's a good thing, too! It's only a little less than 4 months until the big day. (I also picked up a couple things at the wedding this weekend that I don't want in my wedding, but also some things I'd like to incorporate!)
  • Ummm....that's it for this week, ha! So sad, right?
Now I'm off to spend some time with my puppy...I missed him this weekend! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)

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