Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Between

I am currently sitting on David's couch while he plays Call of Duty or something like that. I just painted my nails and thought I'd blog a bit! I'll say, typing with wet nails is interesting. It's kind of like "hunt and peck" but I'm not really hunting for the letters! Also, I'm right-handed so the nails on my left hand look way prettier than then ones on my right...bummer.

I came down this afternoon before Dave got off work and the air conditioner in my car was not working. Okay, it was kind of working. It was blowing air, but it was not blowing cool air. It's been in the high 90's this week and my car would pick today to lose the ability to cool me off! I finally just turned the A/C off and rolled the windows down. It was slightly cooler. Once I got here, I got out and my shorts were soaked*, ha! Oh well....

I am in the middle of getting things moved from my house to my new home with David. I brought my first load down today and will spend tomorrow putting it all away. I brought all of my Christmas stuff (4 tubs, 1 box, and 1 bagged christmas tree...) and all of the books I wanted to bring with me (4 boxes). It's kind of bittersweet...I'm really looking forward to this next stage of my life but I'm kind of sad to be leaving family!

I know, 1 1/2 hours away isn't bad at all, but I've been within 5 minutes of my whole family since I was 5!! And, some of y'all can attest to this, but I used to have the worst homesickness ever! Sometimes I would even have to be taken home in the middle of the night at sleep overs. Ugh, I'm still embarrassed about that!!

So needless to say, this will be a transition for me, but I am looking forward to getting all settled in eventually! (I'm bringing a load down each time I come :)...and now that I have nothing to do, that should be often!!)

This weekend, one of David's roommates/teammates from Clemson is getting married so we will be spending our weekend celebrating with friends! I love weddings because they are getting me excited for my very own in just about 4 months!

I guess I don't have much more to talk about now...any ideas to keep a girl busy?? (Besides apply for jobs, ha!) Happy weekend, everyone! :)

*I went back to re-read my blog and just thought I should define that they were soaked with sweat...not pee. I am potty-trained! ;)


Sarah Robbins said...

I can relate to the no AC. Ours is out in both our cars as well. Yucko!

I can also relate to being homesick and having to be taken out of sleepovers. I was the same way. You will be so amazed at how quickly David becomes your family and your new house becomes your home. I will be praying that the transition is not too bad.

Michelle said...

I can totally relate to the painting nails situation, haha! My left hand always looks better! But we wear our rings on that hand, so the pretty nails need to be with the pretty rings right?? Ha

I remember those homesick days :) Hey you survived college away and you turned out great! That is great its so close, even for day trips when need be!