Saturday, July 17, 2010

That's Shocking!

Today was my first ever Saturday work day! It felt just like a normal workday for the most part, probably because I didn't work Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday this past week! ;) But, it was such a long day. For some reason the time just seemed to stand still...and on top of that, we were SO busy! I was working in the chest pain center so we had a lot of...well...chest pain! One actual heart attack, a homeless man with a weapon in his knapsack (yes, I took it away from he got in with it...EMS let it slip by.), and the most exciting of all--an a-fib!!

Atrial fibrillation is basically an abnormal heart rhythm. Instead of coordinated pumping, the atria "quiver" leading to abnormal beats from the ventricles. Unfortunately for this patient, in order to get him back to a normal rhythm, we had to shock him into it! This was my first "shock" to see and it was really cool. They consciously sedated him and then pressed the button and.....he shot out of the bed--AWESOME. He was fine and thanks to the sedation, didn't remember anything, but as he came off the bed during the shock, his O2 probe shot off like a rocket!

It was a long day, but a good one:) And now I'm about to eat dinner with my boy and we are going to see Eclipse! I've heard it's good, have any of you seen it??! I'll let you know my verdict;)

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