Friday, July 16, 2010

Hodge Podge!

...And some pictures to boot! I have so many stories I haven't told recently (from my blogging blunder...where I didn't post for like 3 weeks...woops...) and I have a few pictures so I just thought I'd post a picture and tell the story. The short version, that way you get the story and I hopefully will be back on track with my blogging :)

Story #1:

Jovie had to get her kitty shots the Friday of July 4th weekend. Jessie's mom is a vet and has been so awesome in helping us out with everything for her. We are getting major discounts for everything...thanks Mrs. Nancy! We love you! :) Anyway, Jovie had to get blood taken and, not unlike humans, it took a little pressure to stop the bleeding. The red bandage is called a "pressure wrap" and it stayed on for a max of like 5 minutes. However, the moment David picked her up she was acting like she couldn't believe we would do this to her and would NOT use her paw! It was too hysterical for me to pass up a picture!

Notice the gimpy eye in this picture...she's such a drama queen--just like her momma! ;)

Story #2:

You know Marley loves his boat rides :) This was July 4th weekend and we were tubing (as you can see Scott is doing in the background....) And Marley's face just kills me in this picture! He's obviously had enough. And yes, he has a shirt on and it says, "Little Sparkler". I just love my boy.

Story #3:

For the fourth, Kylie and Scott came to the lake to play with us! We innertubed, played on the jetski, and innertubed some more. For some reason, it took a lot of coaxing to get Kylie and Scott to innertube together. I guess they were scared we might purposely throw them off? But we wouldn't do that, would we? ;) So, here is actual proof that they did indeed innertube together and they held on until the end. I love Kylie's face in this picture, but I know for a fact that she would hate it if she knew it was on here...good thing she doesn't read my blog! (To my knowledge..)

Story #4:

I'm particularly proud of this one:) I learned how to ski this past weekend! I learned to ski in the same cove that David's dad learned to ski in years ago. I know I look a little goofy, but hey...I'm still learning:) I was definitely proud of myself, but I didn't get here without many falls and lots of bruises! Ha!

Story #5:

This isn't really a story, but you know I couldn't pass this picture up! My two sweet babies after the weekend at the lake. They were pooped! But oh my goodness do they love each other:) Butt buddies!!

TGIF to all of you who don't work tomorrow, but unfortunately I do! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend:)


Katie said...

Congrats on learning to ski! I've tried a few times but it scares me!

Southern Cinderella said...

Looks like the 4th was a fun weekend for you! Congrats on learning how to water ski..I wish i knew how! The last pic of Marley and Jovie is TOO cute!