Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy Life :)

The past few days have been very busy! Sunday night, David and I went to dinner with Jess and Jake.
We went to a place called California Dreaming and I got blackened chicken with alfredo pasta and it was just as good for lunch on Monday as it was Sunday night! After we got back, Susan (David's sister) came in to town to visit for a few days. I worked on Monday and was pretty pooped Monday night. Susan and I went to David's BMW soccer game and got to chat while he scored all 4 goals for his team. He's a beast--what can I say:)
He had to work today so Susan and I went to the mall! Neither of us has much money, but we had fun hanging out anyway:) But we always do....
I did get a few things though! I got a really cute shirt from Banana Republic that was on sale! It's this shirt--in black, but I think it looks cuter on me haha!
I also got a cute sweater from J. Crew
plus 2 new headbands that were both on sale! I figure that since I'll only ever be wearing scrubs, the way I'm going to look cute is by accessorizing my hair ;) Ha! I can't find any pictures of my headbands but don't worry, I promise they're cute!!

And last but definitely not least, today is my baby boy's birthday!! Marley is two today!
My sweet angel has had a great year! He is old enough now to stay out in the house by himself without getting into trouble, and he is a wonderful big brother:) He still loves to sleep right next to me and he loves giving kisses! I love you sweet puppy boy!! :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful hump day tomorrow!

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