Thursday, April 14, 2011


Um... y'all. I haven't updated my blog since like April 4th or something. How sad is that?! Haha! The last few weeks of school have been super busy. I've had a few papers to write and 2 presentations to prepare for. As well as NCLEX predictor tests. I still have 2 papers to write week is my last week of school! Please, be excited for me, ha! Lucky for me, my last PSL clinical was last Friday so tomorrow I just have a review on how well I've tutored (or how bad??) this year. I have a paper to write, but I needed a break tonight so I thought I would update you on all the random things in my head now. (I know some of you are nursing students, you always have a million things running through your head??! It sometimes doesn't even stop when I go to bed, ha!)

  • I've recently been noticing that my eyes are having trouble transitioning from reading to just normal looking at things. It started taking upwards of like 10 minutes for them to completely adjust back and I was starting to get concerned. My sweet friend (and bridesmaid!) Leslie's dad is an opthamologist so I made an appointment to see him. (He even did my Lasik eye surgery!) I had to sit through the whole ordeal and got my eyes dilated:

disclaimer: I realize this picture is VERY scary and I apologize, I have no shame, ha!

  • My pupils were huge! And it was particularly sunny that day so sunglasses were my best friend :) Luckily, he chalked it up to A) I'm getting old. Thank you for that, by the way. and B) They are tired from reading and studying so much (He knows firsthand since Leslie is in class with me!) -- hopefully it will go away once I graduate and stop having to concentrate on so much material. Other than that, my eyes are 100% healthy:)

(I'm also trying to visit every doctor before I move, sniff sniff, and have to find all new doctors! One down, 3 more to go!)

  • I've also been looking at wedding bands. My engagement ring is part of a set, but the actual ring hasn't been bought yet. A lot of my friends have been getting double wedding bands and I kind of like the look. I'm having trouble deciding. So, the other day, I tried on one of my friend's double bands. (Is that bad luck???) And I really liked the sparkly look of it! :) What do you think?:
PS- nursing girls, don't you just want to stick an IV in the veins in my hand?? They are huge, ha!
I still have to go with David to look at rings at some point so I have time, but what is the blog consensus? Do you like the double look or is the simple wedding band and engagement ring a better fit for my long, skinny fingers??

  • Last weekend, my mom and I went to dinner at Pike's with some of her friends and then to the Checkers Hockey game. (It was cold in there and no one lost any teeth. Soccer is much more fun to watch ;) ). We had a great time though, and I tried out a new hair style. My hair is just straight and doesn't hold curl AT. ALL. I found this little Conair curling iron wand without a clamp and it has gotten wonderful reviews. So on a whim, I went to Target and bought it! It worked pretty well, the front stayed curly for a looonnnggg time and the back kept its shape for the most part, but did start falling out towards the end of the night. What do you think? Should I curl it more often?:

Let me just say that this thing comes with a glove so you don't burn yourself. Well, that didn't stop me :) Also, it took me AN HOUR to curl all of my hair. Yikes!

  • And lastly, because I love my two boys so much. Here is Marley Tucker sporting his soccer jersey in honor of his daddy!:
He is just the cutest little thing! He's currently laying at the back door whining to go out so I guess I should take him before he leaves me a nice little present to clean up! ;) Thanks everyone for being so patient with me over the last few weeks (and the next few to come!) But I do enjoy reading all your updates so thanks, they keep me sane!! Haha!

Happy weekend! :)


Sarah Robbins said...

I have double bands and I love the way it looks! I think you totally should.

Your hair looks so cute with the curlies!

Laura Darling said...

Yay for being almost finished with school!! That is so exciting! And I do love the's so glittery! I have seen the conair curling wand too and I really wanted to try it and then I accidentally got all my hair cut off. It was getting so long and I went to the hairdresser and she cut a TON off. I was just sick about it but it will grow back I suppose. Love the curls though!

~A said...

Oooh. I like the double wedding band on you! I don't think I'd like it on myself, though- I have super small hands- the less on them, the better. But I really like it on your fingers!

Ashley said...

I love your curls! Very cute!

Mimi to 3 said...

Erin, I like the double band with your engagement ring, the only down side to that is if you ever want to just wear your wedding ring without your engagement ring it kind of looks funny since it is made to fit around the engagement ring. Just a thought for you to consider as you make your final decision.

Ashley said...

I love your curls! And I really like the double band on you, too. In fact, I think they look better on long, skinny fingers than on bigger ones! But I have just one band and love it, too. (Though I'm hoping to convince John I need another band for our 5th anniversary or something. Ha!)