Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, I'm getting closer to being finished (finally!) with school. I only have about a month and 2 papers left before finals. I'm so looking forward to that! So just a few quick updates for everyone:

  • I'm glad you all liked my Save the Dates! I loved them and can't help but look at my own every time I walk into the kitchen! :)
  • One of my childhood friends' grandfather passed away last week and his funeral was would be great if you could keep them in your prayers! He was always so sweet to me when Ashley and I were younger.
  • Long story short: the hospitals in the area where I will be moving after graduation won't hire until you have your RN I can't apply for any jobs until then. But, I got a call today from the ICU where I worked last summer and the nurse manager wants me to send him my resume! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this turns into something good for me:)
  • This past weekend, David and I went to his grandfather's wedding. It was short and sweet..and in the words of his grandfather, they had to get it done because they "don't have much time left!" Pop is so silly :)
  • I've gone off the deep end and have started to "calorie count." Started as in today. I really miss food, ha! I've been doing great with my exercising but seem to have plateaued and I still have a few pounds I'd like to get rid of. I'm hoping calorie counting will keep me honest and I'll get rid of that last little bit. Has anyone ever tried this? Or had any success with it? Ha! I can see this not lasting too long, but I'm going to try!
Anyway, no pictures today, but I hope Monday wasn't too bad for everyone:) It was beautiful here!


Sarah Robbins said...

You are so close to being done with school! This year really has flown by. . . Good luck with the weight loss- I have 5 more baby pounds to go and they seem to be the hardest! I will let you know if I find anything that really works. :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for mentioning me! : ) I LOVED your Save the Dates! I have it on my fridge right now. I'm so excited!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm graduating soon too, can't believe it! And your save the dates were AMAZING. I love how creative they were :)